Which ‘Type’ of
Copywriter Are You?

If you’re not sure, take the quick little quiz below.

You may just find you’re missing out on the writing opportunity that’s perfectly suited to you.

Dear Reader,

It’s no secret …

Everyone’s different.

Some people love to be in the limelight — the star of the show … while others prefer the peaceful comfort of a more “anonymous” life.

Some crave attention and recognition while others prefer to be without it.

Some are born to be “shoot-for-the-moon” risk-takers … while others much prefer the safe route and the security it brings.

It’s the same for copywriters …

Some of us live to come up with the next “all-or-nothing breakthrough idea” … put it out there … pace the floor waiting for the results to come in … and then revel in the excitement and attention (and cash) a successful promotion can bring.

And if it bombs?

Well, by nature, these folks are usually quick to put it behind them and try again.

Other copywriters aren’t this way at all …

They love the writer’s life, the freedom that comes with it, and (of course) that nice six-figure income …

But they’re not crazy about the pressure to “sell, sell, sell” …

They’re not chomping at the bit to write that next “control-busting breakthrough” time after time …

No …

These copywriters prefer a quieter, gentler kind of success …

Who Needs The Pressure?

The kind of copywriting career where the pressure to write the next “million-dollar sales letter” doesn’t exist …

Where your reputation as a copywriter isn’t solely based on how much money your last promotion brought in the door …

Where you can easily make $100K per year, year after year … even in a tough economy.

Some call these folks the “journeymen” of the copywriting world: competent, professional, reliable … and very well paid for their services.

Where do the vast majority of these ‘types’ of copywriters work?

In perhaps the most overlooked, misunderstood, and consistently lucrative sector of the copywriting market.

I’m talking about the “Business-to-Business” market.

Now, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Business-to-Business, sometimes called “B2B.” (It is, after all, one of the biggest opportunities awaiting new copywriters.)

But, do you really know what writing for that market entails … or how enormous the opportunity is?

Do you know why it pays so well — even though there’s no pressure to “sell, sell, sell”?

And, most importantly — do you know whether it’s for you or not?

Try This Little “Quiz”

Let’s take a minute to find out right now — with a quick little quiz we’ve put together for you. Here are five simple questions with three possible answers each. Depending on which answers you choose, together we’ll get a pretty good idea right from the get-go if B2B copywriting is for you.

Here we go. Answer as honestly as you can:

  1. Given a choice, I prefer:

    1. The challenge of long copy — sinking my teeth into 12, 16, and 20-page sales letters.
    2. Taking on smaller projects that pay me well … quick little ads and letters I can finish up in a day or two at the most.
    3. Really putting my selling skills to the test … challenging myself to come up with new and innovative “big ideas” every time I write a package.
  2. Which best describes you?

    1. I’m a bit of a renegade. I love to take chances, go out on a limb, and try new things. I’m not afraid to have a package fail.
    2. I like to “keep it between the lines.” Show me what’s been proven to work and I’ll deliver, on time every time.
    3. I’m easily bored, which is why I prefer to jump from one client to another rather than have a few steady reliable ones.
  3. How would you describe your writing style (or the kind of writing style you’d like to have)?

    1. Aggressive, energetic, prone to hype, and audaciousness
    2. Warm, personal, conversational, authoritative
    3. Somewhere in the middle
  4. You’ve been given a choice between three projects. Each pays $3,000. Which one do you take?

    1. A direct mail package to sell an investment conference — roughly 12 pages of copy where you need to detail who the speakers are, why they’re qualified, what they’ll be talking about, and why any serious investors should go.
    2. A series of four, single-page letters encouraging your prospect to request some free information on a product he or she uses every day.
    3. An 8 to12-page research-heavy health promotion promoting the benefits of a natural supplement aimed at reducing daily stress.
  5. As far as income goes, here’s where I stand:

    1. I’m in this to make a lot of money … between $300K and $500K a year — and I’ll write as many letters in a month as I need to.
    2. I’d be happy with $100K, so long as it means I can make my own hours and not have to work full 8-hour days every day.
    3. $50K is good for me. I’m just looking for some extra money on top of my current job.

Curious about what your answers mean?

Here’s what I can tell you …

Where You Should Be

If you answered mostly “A” — you can certainly become a B2B writer, but it sounds to me like you’re better suited to long copy projects … more aggressive selling … and the potential for big, big, cash. There’s a longer learning curve, and the stakes are greater, but maybe you want to consider writing for the financial industry.

If you answered mostly “C” — you’re still B2B material — but it sounds like you might want to explore the consumer products route … supplements, credit card offers, household items, and so on.

But, if you answered mostly “B” — congratulations! Looks like you’ve found your niche! Because what your answers are telling me:

If you agree that this describes you, then let me tell you some things you need to know to be a successful B2B writer:

Just What Is B2B Marketing Anyway?

Simply put, Business-to-Business refers to companies that sell things to other companies.

For example, you buy a toaster from your local Walmart store. That’s a “Business-to-Consumer” sale …

But, there were perhaps a dozen “Business-to-Business” transactions that went on before that toaster could ever make it to the store shelf.

There was the metal fabrication company that supplied the machine to the toaster maker that enabled it to stamp out and shape the material used to make the product …

The printing machine company that sold the pad print product that enabled the company to print its name on the finished toaster …

The paper company that made the box the toaster came in …

The artist who designed the art for the packaging …

And, chances are, there was a consulting firm who convinced the toaster company that they could help them get their toasters into Walmart stores nationwide in the first place.

All these are “Business-to-Business” companies. And there are more than 8 million of them in dozens of industries just in North America alone — all of which need to reach prospective customers by advertising their products and services using copywriters like you.

But B2B advertising is a little different than traditional advertising …

This prospect doesn’t need to be sold “emotionally” like when you’re selling to consumers …

You don’t have to appeal to the “core” emotions like fear and greed …

And you don’t need the kind of “big ideas” that drive a lot of copywriting success … or clever headlines to capture their attention.

Why? Because businesses know they need what you’re selling. It’s just a matter of educating him or her on your product or service … showing why yours is better than the competition from a cost and performance standpoint.

Often, you don’t even have to do that much …

One of the most common tasks for a Business-to-Business copywriter is to generate a “lead.” In other words — get the company to agree to simply learn more about your product!

Don’t get me wrong through …

It’s not that there’s no selling going on here. There is. It’s just much more subtle. In fact, in just a moment’s time, I’ll show you some of the ways businesses market to other businesses — and share with you one of the most powerful secrets for getting results in any form of B2B marketing. (You’ll have this secret within minutes — and once you have it, you’ll be well on your way … more knowledgeable than half the B2B copywriters working today!)

But, before I get to all that, here’s a fascinating fact … one that no copywriter thinking about the B2B market should ignore.

Breaking News:
The Pie Is Getting Bigger!

With all the doom and gloom out there, businesses are cutting back on spending like never before.

Bad news for copywriters, yes?

Absolutely not …

Because, while it’s true businesses are cutting back on “cost-based” spending (things that aren’t tied to generating revenues, like new chairs for the office pool or sales meetings in Vegas) — they’re spending more on things that make and save money.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, Business-to-Business companies spend over $55 billion per year on B2B marketing — everything from advertisements, brochures, direct mail, white papers, case studies, sell sheets, and so on.

According to the market research firm AMR Research, B2B companies will spend more than $3 billion alone on online marketing this year … and that number is expected to grow by 12% a year through at least 2013.

In addition, according to a story published in B-to-B, The Magazine for Marketing Strategists, AMR predicts B2B social media spending will grow at an annual average rate of 21% through 2013 … and that B2B spending on lead-generation sites is anticipated to grow at 17% in the same time frame.

But, that’s not the most interesting part of AMR’s findings.

According to AMR CEO Denzil Rankin, B2B publishers are not doing enough to take advantage of this projected growth in spending …

“There is not enough innovation in lead-generation products. Multi-media services are weak, and measurement capabilities are frequently lacking,” he said.

And then there’s this …

Over the past couple years many B2B firms have cut their in-house marketing departments to the bone, in order to weather the recent recession. Now they’re scrambling to source talent for critical marketing projects. And rather than reverting to the typical “hire and fire” cycle, many are turning to freelance B2B writers.

Add it all up and what does it mean?

It means a huge opportunity for B2B marketers like you who can deliver innovative and effective lead-generation campaigns … master the relatively new field of social media marketing  … and offer comprehensive, multi-media solutions to any business that has something to offer another business, no matter what the size.

The Quintessential Program

And it’s why I’m excited to introduce to you AWAI’s Secrets of Writing HIGH-PERFORMANCE Business-to-Business Copy, a program created byour friend and master B2B copywriter Steve Slaunwhite.

Steve has put together a solid, comprehensive guide to writing effective B2B copy. And, what an amazing job he did.

Reviews from industry pros include:

"Steve Slaunwhite's Secrets of Writing HIGH-PERFORMANCE Business-to-Business Copy is THE best home study copywriting program on the market. It’s proven to be a strong source of inspiration for me. The B2B market is starving for good copywriters, and Steve's program is a roadmap for cracking the market with ease. The course is very thorough and offers numerous helpful examples on lead generation, white papers, multimedia scripts and direct response copy. Follow Steve's advice and you'll have more clients (and money) than you'll know what to do with!"

Lee Gilliss
Proposal Writer and Freelance Copywriter

“Steve is more than just an award-winning Business-to-Business copywriter. He is genuinely passionate about copywriting as a field (which he knows inside-out), and genuinely devoted to helping his fellow copywriters take their careers to the next level.”

David Fideler,
Principal, Concord Communications and Design

And, from B2B Master Bob Bly: "As for Steve Slaunwhite's program, I can recommend it because I have carefully read and absorbed every word. I had to – because AWAI hired me to edit it – and Steve's program exceeded my every expectation."

And it’s not just the pros who like the B2B niche. We’ve discovered that many of you are eager to follow in the footsteps of Bob, Steve, and others.

Like Ed Gandia, who was already earning a six-figure income as a salesman, but the long hours, high pressure and miles of travel were wearing him down. He was looking for a way to replace his six-figure income with a less stressful career – one where he could work from home using his sales and business experience.

While working on AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, he discovered the B2B niche and the rest, as they say, is history. Today he’s living “the writer’s life” … working his own hours  … making six-figures  … and having the time of his life.

Then there’s Noel, who completed the B2B program in just three months’ time and watched her career take off. Here’s part of what she said recently on the B2B Member’s forum:

“My first B2B assignment was to launch an in-house journal. I soon got another assignment – writing the Mission & Vision Statement. I had a question so I sent an email to Steve who responded immediately with an excellent tip! I’m now on to drafting a Sales Proposal for the company and writing product brochure copy.

“I’ve also started writing a B2B column for a news magazine. AWAI’s B2B program is perhaps the only one available for home study and certainly the best – the content is current and easy to understand.”

And AWAI member Susanne Scaldino, who’s first client is a film company out of New York.

“My niche is B2B and working with small law firms to market their practices. This film company works with trial attorneys, and needed a stronger marketing campaign. They also needed to expand their list of services to remain competitive.

“I made some recommendations, and now I’m writing a white paper for them, one article per month, and an email campaign. On top of all that, I’m scripting seminars for them to present to paralegals at local law firms in the northeast, and I’m even writing the course syllabus for the paralegals.”

Current and Comprehensive

Steve’s made the B2B learning experience comprehensive — so that it covers all the latest B2B techniques, not the least of which is the explosive opportunity waiting for you in Social Marketing.

The program’s online for you — so you don’t have to wait for the mail … and so we can update it regularly with new examples, new techniques, and new sections.

There’s a special “members only” interactive forum, where you can ask Steve questions … banter ideas back and forth … have copy you’ve written evaluated by Steve and your B2B peers.

Steve expands on the latest trends — including the latest and most innovative lead-generation techniques and promoting business products and services through the fast-growing social media channel.

Plus, a whole lot more, as you’ll soon discover.

But, I think I’m getting ahead of myself here …

I promised you some things earlier …

Like the kind of writing you can expect to do as a professional B2B copywriter … what the money’s like … and why getting clients will never be a problem for you.

And, there’s that neat little secret I mentioned. The one every B2B copywriter should know — but doesn’t … (Which is really good news for you!)

How B2B Copy Is Different –
and Why that Makes It Easier for You

The two things that draw many copywriters to the B2B market are short copy and the variety of projects you can take on.

You may be wondering — if long copy’s proven to work with consumers, why wouldn’t it work in the B2B market? The answer’s pretty simple.

With consumer direct response, you have to do “everything”: take your prospect from little or no interest in your product — to a level of interest where he’s willing to write a check or pull out his credit card — on the spot.

You have to grab his interest, gain his trust, make a strong promise, prove you can deliver by giving him lots of proof and benefits, make a strong offer, and “close” the sale.

This “emotional transformation” can take a lot of carefully crafted copy …

The B2B sales process is a little different.

It’s typically not a purely emotional buying decision. It’s one based on logic, need, and budget. Very often there are several steps to the selling process …

And that’s where you come in — and why one project from one client can be a very lucrative proposition for a professional B2B copywriter.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

How a B2B Campaign Works

Let’s say your client just developed a new device that allows you to print logos, names, instructions, etc., on any surface shape or type. It’s a device thousands of manufacturers use every day — and this machine takes up less room, is cheaper to run, and can handle twice the work.

And, he’s come to you to help market it.

What do you do? What kind of projects could you expect to write?

The first thing you do is what any copywriter selling anything would do: you study the product inside and out. Learn what makes this printer better than the competition’s. And, just like we recommend in the Accelerated program, you make a list of features with corresponding benefits, as many as you can come up with.

Now, if this were a consumer product, you’d take your list, organize the benefits in order of importance, and write a personal letter explaining why the prospect needs this product — and how his life will be transformed once he uses it.

But, because you’re selling to a business —an “entity,” if you will, that’s essentially void of emotion … and where there’s a “chain of command” when it comes to buying decisions — you’re going to need marketing pieces that address each stage of the sales process.

The Many Short, Billable Projects You’ll Master

For instance — to generate buzz, excitement, and awareness of the product you might want to write a series of space ads suitable for trade papers  … press releases for distribution to industry media  … and updates to the company’s web pages. All projects you can complete in a day or two  …

In order to generate leads for the company’s sales force, you can create ads, email and direct mail campaigns inviting prospects to get free information on the product — “white paper reports” and “case studies” which provide even more detailed information … and can be mailed or “left behind” by the sales person …

You can help the sales force land appointments by crafting telephone scripts, sample letters, and emails. Once again — very simple single-day projects you can bill handsomely for.

And, remember, once you’ve done a few of these projects for one client, just use the same format for other clients! (Then watch your speed, productivity, and income soar!)

There’s more you can do …

Interested prospects are going to need to be educated on the new printing device — so there are all kinds of opportunities to write in-depth product brochures, sell sheets, web copy, and online videos (in addition to the white paper reports and case studies I mentioned) …

You’ll want to talk to your client about the importance of keeping the prospect “warm” throughout the buying decision. Here’s a great chance for you to offer to write newsletters, special emails, and post cards.

Literally dozens of projects you can take on.

And as a professional B2B Copywriter, your job is very simple:

  1. Let the client know what he needs to do to effectively promote a product by knowing what goes into a successful B2B campaign …
  2. Deliver the copy.

Here’s what your invoice might look like for some of the work described above:

John Smith Inc. Copywriter
25 Your Street
Your Town, State, USA

For creative services rendered:


3 Ad copy and layout suggestions
Same basic ad concept and message. Three different sizes.
(¼,½, full page)

1 Press Release

Lead Generators
Email (series of 5)
Direct mail (envelope, lift, mailer) $2,500

Web copy for sales pages
Email Newsletter (Copy and editing. One short personal message. One 500 word article. One short blurb about a new product or offer.)
Total Fee

Please Make Check Payable to John Smith Inc.

Thank You!

And remember — this entire project involved maybe three weeks of writing and research combined.

And, there are a lot of elements you didn’t do — at least this time around: no white paper report (potential $5,000 fee), no case study (potential $1,250 fee), no video script (potential $1,200 fee) …

Of course, you won’t always be writing full campaigns like this one.

Maybe a company will need a press release to announce a new product … or need to keep up a monthly newsletter aimed at clients … maintain their website  … write a brochure … or just produce a white paper report for a brand new product …

Companies are always looking for new leads … new ways to market themselves and better way to position their products. And, once you can establish yourself as the “go-to” B2B marketing expert, you don’t need a whole lot of clients to have all the work you need.

But, first you need to learn the ropes …

Business-to-Business — From Soup to Nuts …

And that’s where AWAI’s Secret to Writing HIGH-PERFORMANCE Business-to-Business Copy comes in.

It’s your “soup to nuts” program — more like a Master’s Business-to-Business program, really — where you learn:

You’ll Want to Learn Everything

This program is written so clearly, so concisely, with so much energy, you won’t want to stop learning. That’s because on virtually every page you read there’s a new skill you’re learning … a new revelation about the enormous potential of this market … a new way to position yourself as an expert in this huge and little-tapped market.

One of the secrets to the success of this program, I think, is that Steve’s B2B writing skills really come through. You see, one thing a very good Business-to-Business copywriter does well is explain complex ideas in a very clear and energetic way. That’s precisely what Steve does here: he takes an idea like the typical B2B sales cycle — which to the layman can be involved and complicated — and makes it instantly understandable.

And don’t forget …

You’re learning from one of the best here.

A Masterful B2B Marketer — A Superb Teacher

Steve Slaunwhite has 15 years of pure B2B experience. He’s written for more than 100 publishers, mid-sized businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. He’s a master of everything from case studies, white papers, direct mail letters, email campaigns, ads, web pages, newsletters, and more.

He’s regularly asked to contribute his ideas and knowledge to professional publications like DM News, The Wall Street Journal, Target Marketing, and Inside Direct Mail. He’s authored several books on the business of copywriting, including Start & Run a Copywriting Business and The EVERYTHING Guide to Copywriting.

But this program — Secret to Writing HIGH-PERFORMANCE Business-to-Business Copy — is his most comprehensive work to date … 15 years of high-energy B2B success secrets jammed into a step-by-step guide and instructional audio series.

It includes dozens of examples of each kind of project you’ll take on as a B2B copywriter (in itself worth thousands … because as you’ll soon learn, much about Business-to-Business is creating a successful “template” so you can use the same winning formula for every new client you take on … )

The online feature is crucial — because you’ll constantly have the latest and most useful information at your fingertips … updated regularly … with the latest examples from the marketplace that are working now.

There’s the exclusive, members only B2B web page crammed with “How-To” resources, B2B case studies, interactive forum.  Plus, there’s a brand new “Ask Steve” feature, which is really like having Steve right there at your side answering your questions, getting his latest tips and techniques, inspiring you to take your business to higher levels month after month.

All You Need to Be a B2B Expert

Secret to Writing HIGH-PERFORMANCE Business-to-Business Copy is a full immersion into the B2B world.

It shows you how the Business-to-Business market works … how the buying decision is made … what motivates and drives the decision-making process. It looks closely at the different emotions that can effect the buying decision.

For example, many think greed and vanity don’t play a role in the B2B buying decision. But they do — in a different way than business-to-consumer copy. Remember, your B2B prospect may be an employee. His reputation may be effected — either positively or negatively — by this purchase. So, if the product you’re selling can save the company time and money, a good Business-to-Business writer will find a subtle way to let his prospect know that this purchase will reflect well on them — and show them why.

Owning Secret to Writing HIGH-PERFORMANCE Business-to-Business Copy is like having a business that’s ready to launch …

You supply the ability and desire to write …

Steve and AWAI will take you by the hand … show you step-by-step how to launch, run, and succeed in your B2B copywriting and consulting business.

Some of the Secrets You’ll Learn

Some of what you’ll learn:

The program spells out everything you need to succeed at every step of the B2B process — from working with your client for the first time … to understanding the B2B selling process … to knowing what course of action you recommend your B2B client take to get the job done.

Each chapter is conveniently organized into three elements:

Plus, there are “Bonus” articles along the way that help drive home points made in the chapter — or illustrate an alternative way of getting the job done.

And, you can listen to each chapter of the program via an audio feed, which you can listen to on your computer, or download to your iPod, iPhone, or MP3 player, and listen while you’re driving.

Bottom line: Secrets of Writing HIGH-PERFORMANCE Business-to-Business Copy is a powerful resource that will have an enormous impact on your copywriting career — if you think B2B is the writing niche for you.

By Now You Have a Hunch …

By now you probably have a pretty good idea whether the Business-to-Business market is right for you or not.

You’ve thought about what kind of writer you want be: one who prefers diving into longer projects that can take up to a month … or someone who’d rather take on smaller, shorter projects … and more of them.

If you’re looking to write good, paying professional sales copy … but without all the hype of a lot of business-to-consumer copy …

If you don’t mind stepping “away from the limelight” and not getting the attention within the industry that a lot of high-profile copywriters get …

If you enjoy a nice balance of writing, research, and client interaction …

If you want more flexibility as far as your writing schedule goes (shorter projects means you can have more hours of the day to save for yourself) …

If all these “ifs” add up — then … I think you’ll agree: B2B is worth looking into.

And, even if you’re pretty sure, but not 100% convinced — here’s what I would suggest.

Get yourself signed up with the Secret to Writing HIGH-PERFORMANCE Business-to-Business Copy program today.

This Is an Important Decision …
Take Your Time Deciding

Take the time you need — up to 365 days — to explore what the Business-to-Business market is all about.

Go through the program — find out how the B2B sales process is different … get inside the mind of a B2B buyer … learn the 4 key influencers of the B2B buying decision … how easy it is to set up your very own B2B consulting firm.

Get a feel for what it’s like to write a 200-word ad … a case study … a lead generator … a white paper report …

Get a sense of the income you can make for yourself. Learn why companies are happy to pay you $500 for a simple landing page (about 2 hours of writing)  … $750 for a 2-page brochure (a morning’s work) … and up to $5,000 for a white paper report (2, maybe 3 days of writing and research … )

Then if, if at anytime during the next year you decide: “thanks, but this really isn’t for me after all” — then no problem.

Just let us know and we’ll not only refund the cost of the Secret to Writing HIGH-PERFORMANCE Business-to-Business Copy program, but we’ll offer any assistance we can in finding you the niche that’s right for you.

Now, you may be wondering …

What Will this “Full Immersion” in B2B Cost?

What’s it going to cost to own this comprehensive, “complete business” program?

After all, Secret to Writing HIGH-PERFORMANCE Business-to-Business Copy isn’t just about adapting your writing to a different niche …

It’s like getting your own little franchise consulting business, really — where you offer an invaluable service to the most crucial aspect of any business: product sales and promotion. And as far as an educational experience goes: It’s a complete “immersion” into an area of copywriting you’d typically have to apprentice in for years before you could ever learn everything you need to learn:

I’m talking about white paper reports … case studies … specialty ads … B2B newsletters … all forms of lead generators.

It’s stuff you just can’t learn through the typical copywriting channels.

Plus, it’s the only “niche” program where you’re invited to maintain an on-going relationship with its’ expert … and have the ability to ask questions whenever you need to.

A Remarkably Fair Price to Own It

Given all this, you may be thinking Secrets to Writing HIGH-PERFORMANCE Business-to-Business Copy would be a great business/career education value at $1,500 or $1,000.

And, it would no doubt — especially given that a simple white paper report or case study could pay you three or four times that back in just a day or two.

So, you’ll be thrilled to learn Secrets to Writing HIGH-PERFORMANCE Business-to-Business Copy is not $1,000 or more.

It’s just $490 …

But if you act now, we’ll take $150 off the price, making your investment just $340 today. But, this offer ends February 14th at midnight.

And that includes everything: the in-depth “work at your own pace” program where Steve shows you how the B2B selling process works … what motivates buyers … how to write effective B2B copy at every stage of the selling process … how to prepare for and successfully execute a complete B2B project … and how to land eager clients desperately in need of your expertise.

And, don’t forget the guts of the program: how to write the best ads, lead generators, press releases, articles, white papers, case studies, brochures, sell sheets, sales presentations, scripts, and more.

Plus it gives you access to the members only AWAI B2B website where you’ll find even more tips and techniques for writing great B2B copy … our busy and active B2B forum where you can learn what ideas are working, get your questions answered, even find out who’s looking for copywriters directly from Steve.

In other words, your transformation from regular copywriter to Business-to-Business professional will be swift and complete.

Within hours of accepting this offer, you’ll be part of a small fraternity of copywriters with access to what is by far the largest pool of work of any copywriting niche. (And remember — there’s a shortage of copywriters nearly everywhere!)

Remember 8 million companies need people like you to help market their products via the written word — everything from a simple one sell sheet … to a complete website overhaul.

And in many cases, a single client with a growing product line can supply you with years of work. That’s because web copy is ever-changing … monthly newsletters play an important role in keeping companies “front of mind,” and keeping clients updated on the latest company activities … new products require entire brand new product launches …

And, once you’re able to establish yourself as that “go-to” writer — two, three, maybe four clients are all you’ll need to maintain a six-figure income, year after year.

And, remember something else …

You’re not being asked to write big, heavy, long, “hype-y” letters.

There’s not the pressure to “sell, sell, sell” like there can be in traditional copywriting circles.

Remember, No Screaming

B2B uses a much more subtle selling technique — where the last thing you want to do is “scream” at your prospect. Rather, your goal is to leave him or her with a clear sense that the product (or service) you’re advertising delivers superior results at the best price possible — and comes from an organization that’s stable, professional, and customer-oriented.

And Steve will show you all the tricks for making sure this comes across loud and clear in your copy.

If you think this kind of work and writing suits your demeanor and writing style, then there’s never been a better time to immerse yourself in the Business-to-Business niche.

The demand is huge and growing  … for three good reasons:

Like most commerce, the Internet has opened up a huge opportunity for B2B marketing. Everyone’s clamoring in — and businesses need qualified writers to provide content in order to “keep up with the Jones.”

Second, having cut the expenses associated with in-house writers and marketers, more and more B2B companies are turning to qualified freelancers to handle their key marketing campaigns.

And third, the plain truth is that new copywriters simply don’t venture into the Business-to-Business market. They think it’s too dry  … too boring  … too technical. But, nothing could be further from the truth.

If you love to learn, you’re constantly finding yourself on the cutting edge of new and innovative technologies with B2B.

If you like variety, the work is fast paced and you’re seeing new and different projects all the time.

And, the pay is outstanding.

For a good B2B writer who lines up a few active clients and gains a foothold in the business, it’s almost impossible not to make six-figures — AND enjoy the spare time and freedom that drew you to copywriting in the first place.

And the best news is, you can get started right away …

As I mentioned, the program is up-and-running “online” now — and you’ll be able to dive in just as soon as your order is processed.

But first, I’ve got a long line of special bonuses for you — new resources we’ve just added to this program that will get you up-and-running in this field quicker than you ever thought possible.

Let me run them down for you — starting with one little “niche of the B2B niche” that’s making the few writers who chose to specialize here very wealthy:

The Hottest Market in B2B

One of the most effective ways businesses market products to other businesses is through something called white paper reports. I mentioned these earlier — they’re 5 to 10-page “special report” documents that showcase a company’s product or service in a very precise and credible way. They’re like a cross between and essay and a sales letter; there’s lots of technical detail, but a hint of subtle, persuasive selling, too.

White papers are a recent phenomenon in the B2B world. Once businesses started realizing white papers were an excellent tool for establishing credibility, pitching new technology, positioning products, generating leads, and getting a foot in the door — everyone started doing them.

Another reason they’re popular is because they serve as an economical, multi-functional sales tools. A white paper report can easily be transformed into an article, a brochure, or incorporated into the company’s website. Plus, they’re a great “leave behind” for salespeople.

But, here’s the thing. There’s a very definite structure to a successful white paper — and few writers who know how to write them.

Which is why any copywriter with a good track record of writing successful white paper reports can charge up to $5,000 or more for a 5 to 10-page white paper report.

Now, Steve’s written dozens of successful white paper reports — and he covers this important subject at length in the program …

But, because it’s such a huge opportunity for B2B copywriter — so big, in fact, that a copywriter who chooses to specialize in just white paper reports could realistically make six figures filling the huge demand — that Steve invited an expert white paper writer Michael Selzner to share his thoughts with you.

Michael has written nearly 100 white paper reports over the years for companies like Federal Express, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, and more.

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Bonus #1: Writing Winning White Paper Reports, with Michael Selzner …

In this very important audio recording with accompanying report, Michael shares with you his successful formula for writing white paper reports that will wow your clients, deliver results — and keep you writing more.

You’ll learn Michael’s winning formula for structuring your white paper report — what to say at every stage of the paper.

You’ll learn how to use graphics, diagrams, and charts effectively … how to get the project through the legal and approval channels quickly … the easiest way to research … and why it’s so important to have the right “name” for your report.

This and much, much more is included as a very special and very important bonus — and serves as a great complement to Steve’s excellent material of writing successful white papers.

And, while we’re on the subject of these very lucrative B2B sales elements …

Bonus #2: Cracking the White Paper Market: How to Find Hundreds of Clients who Need White Papers Written Now …

Let’s be clear …

Once you show the B2B world you can write a successful white paper report, you can toss this second bonus in the trash forever.

That’s because once word gets out that you’re a white paper expert, you’ll have all the work you need for the foreseeable future.

But, you need your first assignment — and you need to be ready for it.

That’s where our second award-wining white paper writer Gordon Graham’s “Cracking the White Paper Market” can help you. Like Michael, Gordon is a white paper pro (in fact, he’s known in the business as “That White Paper Guy”) — but in this special report he focuses on getting you ready to take on clients: what you need to know, do’s and don’ts, etc. … and where to find your first client once you’re ready.

And the best news, says Gordon? Potential clients are everywhere — information technology … the medical industry … defense companies … legal services … training firms … consulting firms … business software … and more. Any company with a new or complex product or process can benefit from a white paper report.

Plus, he shares with you access to what Steve and Gordon call the white paper writer’s “secret club” — a website/forum where you can not only pick up hundreds of tips on writing successful white papers … but also register to receive leads for writing white papers from hundreds of companies from around the world.

No question, with these two bonuses — and the information on white papers in the program — you could easily make a great living as a white paper specialist in no time.

But, the idea of this program is to give you the knowledge to need to handle any B2B assignment that comes your way.

Which brings me to your next free bonus:

Bonus #3: The Ultimate B2B Writer’s Handbook: How to Instructions and Tips For Tackling More than 30 B2B Copywriting Projects

Wait until you see this resource …

A handy “go-to” guide for dozens of the kind of B2B projects you’re most likely to get — along with a recap of what the sales piece is meant to accomplish, writing and design tips, along with dozens of examples you can follow.

With this ultra-handy, full-color 104-page resource at your fingertips, there won’t be a Business-to-Business project you won’t be able to take on.

It’s the ultimate “cheat sheet” for self mailers, email marketing, landing pages, microsites, sales proposals, radio ads, SEO advertising, telesales scripts, banner ads, print ads, case studies, press releases, and more.

Bonus #4: The Next Hot Niche: Writing Online Video Scripts for B2B Companies

Here’s an up-and-coming segment of the market any B2B copywriter will want to be up on: video marketing scripts.

They’re becoming very popular because they’re an excellent way to get vital information to key decision-makers very quickly and efficiently. Business people are so busy these days with travel and meetings and day-to-day tasks that there’s less and less time to sit down to pour over a brochure, case study, or detailed white paper.

That’s where a quick, concise 30-second to 2-minute video comes in — one that can be emailed to prospects on their computer or cell phone for easy and convenient viewing.

These videos are also being used more and more in social and professional media to generate leads, move the sales process along faster, create a buzz about new products.

It’s a red-hot market. And, because more and more companies are producing these quick little videos — their ce they can’t afford to be left behind!

As a B2B copywriter, online video could be a nice little windfall for you. The going rate is about $1,200 for a 2 to 4-minute script, which is about a half-days work once you know the skill and have the formula down. And, that’s just what this brand new report does: shows you everything you need to know to write a successful online B2B video script — from how to structure it how to lay it out on paper.

Again, each of these bonuses come free, as part of your comprehensive Secrets to Writing HIGH-PERFORMANCE Business-to-Business Copy program.

I promise you this …

This Could Be the Answer for You

If you love the lifestyle copywriting and “the writer’s life” promises, but just haven’t been able to get your head around the more aggressive style associated with consumer-oriented copywriting …

Or, if you’ve read this letter, taken our little “test” earlier, and you’ve discovered that the B2B style is more in line with the kind of writing you want to pursue, then I highly recommend you try out Secrets to Writing HIGH-PERFORMANCE Business-to-Business Copy.

That’s why I’ve insisted that the program comes with the very generous guarantee I told you about …

Go through the program … check out all the resources that come with it … the special reports on white papers … video scripting … and the (truly) Ultimate B2B Writer’s Handbook with all the tips and examples.

Go to the B2B website and the various forums we recommend you join.

I promise you, well before the full-year guarantee period is up, you’ll know for sure if this niche is for you.

Heck, you could even have been hired for your first few paid assignments and completed them by then — that’s how excellent this program is at giving you the skills you need quickly …

And, that’s how great the demand of copywriters in the B2B universe is.

I urge you not to delay on this.

Take advantage of the 365-day guarantee period, and all the resources you’ll have at your fingertips minutes after you sign up.

This is an outstanding opportunity not to be missed.


Katie Yeakle
Executive Director AWAI

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P.S. Another great opportunity in the B2B market is the whole newsletter market. Companies use newsletters to stay in touch and current with their customers and, given the monthly nature of these mailed and online communications, they’re a great source of on-going revenue for you. That’s why I’d love to send you one more bonus absolutely free: Writing B2B Newsletters.

This information-crammed audio interview with AWAI member-turned-B2B-expert Ed Gandia tells you why so many B2B companies use newsletters … everything you need to know to write effective newsletter copy  … and how to tap into this market for a long and steady source of monthly income.

Make no mistake about it — if you love to write, but you hate hype — then the B2B market is right up your alley.

So many projects.

So many clients.

And absolutely no shortage of tremendous opportunities.

Try the program risk-free today.

P.P.S. Thanks to the Internet, there is more demand for B2B content than ever before. Steve Slaunwhite and Nick Usborne joined forces during a recent one-hour webinar to help you easily land these high-paying projects. Sign up now and you will get this exclusive webinar free of charge!

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