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Imagine… nurturing your body with an amazing super food of the Orient. Toning your muscles and shedding weight with the latest exercise breakthrough. Becoming a better negotiator. Managing stress through meditation. Even teaching parrots how to speak.

Or… experimenting with the latest yoga poses for golfers. Learning persuasive speaking skills. Discovering savvy real estate investing secrets. Healing through divine intervention with angels. Exploring feng shui. Using mental push-ups to boost your intelligence.

All the while, helping millions of other people enjoy the SAME experiences!

This market is HOT –  and is expected to grow 6.2% yearly until 2012 – creating a $13.62 billion market in need of copywriters like you!

It's burning for talent like yours. Here's how you can get in on it NOW!

Dear Inside AWAI Reader,

By the end of this year, not only may you be on your way to a six-figure income – you may also have helped millions of people worldwide improve their lives.

Like when you showed the over-worked entrepreneur how he could work smarter with a business management product. Or when you helped the single mom working three jobs to get involved in real estate so she could finally make some easy money without sacrificing time with her kids.

Then there was the time when you helped the 30-year-old struggling with self-confidence find his self-worth so he could go after the job he truly wanted.  And you also helped the salesperson improve his sales skills so that he could advance in his career.

There were even occasions when you just brought some fun into someone's life – like the time you showed a 20-year-old how she'd look with a makeover.

But that's not all.  Along the way, you also helped yourself and those close to you. From the financial program you learned a better way to diversify your portfolio. From the vitamins you helped your cousin get rid of a bad case of gout. From the spiritual program you have found an inner peace. From the health product, you have regained energy throughout the day.

Your copywriting skill has given you a wonderful blessing: the opportunity to help other people and yourself. And the fact that you’re getting paid to write about these amazing products is the icing on the cake.

Transform your life into a fulfilling, exciting adventure

Perhaps you've identified the market I'm talking about – self-help. Maybe you're already buying up all kinds of products like these – vitamins, diet programs, wealth-building programs, business skills books – you name it, because you want a better life.

But, you also want a successful copywriting career. You want six figures and the freedom… right?

If yes, then, you will love what I'm about to introduce you to. It's an opportunity to get to talk with some of your favorite gurus… get your hands on hot-off-the-presses products before they even hit the market… help yourself, others, and enjoy a handsome income as a copywriter.

Tap into an $11.06 billion industry

I’m Catherine Cairns, an AWAI member who got into this market back in 2002. The market I’m speaking of is self-help.

If you’ve ever bought a book to help improve your business or personal skills, a wealth-building program, or even something fun such as a DVD teaching you how to play the guitar, or even a fitness DVD, you’ve been involved in self-help yourself.

And, so is the rest of America. Did you know, for instance, the U.S. market for self-help products is now worth $11.06 billion?

It seems that it’s human nature to want to improve yourself, and that’s not going to change any time soon. According to Market Data Enterprises Inc., this market continues to grow at an estimated 6.2% every year. At that rate, the value of this market will be $13.62 billion by 2012.

America has an almost limitless craving for self-improvement, and they turn to "gurus" for help and guidance. We want the magic pill, the quick fix … and we’re happy to pay for it.

So much of the self-help industry is about fixing something – whether it’s your sex life, your soul, or your cardiovascular system. And that means …

More than enough products
to fulfill a copywriter's dreams

There are books, newsletters, courses, tapes, interactive web products… even foods and supplements. There are seminars, CDs, DVDs, and interactive software. There is inspirational music… as well as religious knick-knacks, personal care items (erase those wrinkles overnight!) and more gadgets than you can shake a stick at.

If you were to go to to see how many self-help books were there, you’d find at least 220,000 of them. That’s a lot of opportunity for you, because every book has a publisher (which means potential clients)!

Let's take a look at a couple of these clients…

You've probably heard of Rodale Press. If not, I'm sure you're familiar with one of their key publications, Prevention magazine. Over the years they've added more and more products… Men's Health magazine, Organic Gardening, Bicycling, and many more.

Nightingale-Conant is another direct-mail giant… one that I've been working with since 2002.  They have books, CDs, DVDs and more on a variety of topics:  personal development, business strategy, wealth-building, mind and body, and spiritual growth.

Many of their product offers are from big-time names like Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Deepak Chopra and Anthony Robbins. These gurus also have products of their own, and that means… your skills are needed!

Why the millionaire gurus
need to hire copywriters like you!

Anthony Robbins, a writer and motivational speaker who has been called "America’s results coach" earns an estimated $80 million a year. His entire livelihood is based on his products and seminars, which means, he needs great copywriters like you!

He's not the only motivational speaker either. The top 12 speakers (including speakers for Franklin Covey Co.) grossed $303 million last year. Speaking fees for this elite group generally range from $30,000 to $150,000. Many do public seminars or private workshops for executives, and more are moving into personal coaching.

Personal life coaching is worth about $1.5 billion and is growing rapidly. These coaches need clients, and you can help them get those clients.

Working in a market so diverse – and learning from gurus – can make you a very educated and aware person. And here's an advantage that comes with that…

When you're "personally benefiting" – SALES SOAR!

When I work on projects, I'm not just writing the copy. I'm learning from self-help material and benefiting from it personally. Because of this,my passion starts to shine through in the copy.

It's no surprise then, that some of my most successful sales packages have been products that I was thrilled to be learning about…

Such as Mentored by a Millionaire, a program that taught me master strategies of the rich... and that gave me the opportunity to talk with Steve Scott, a real multimillionaire. He has worked with all kinds of celebrities, such as Cher and Chuck Norris. How cool is that?

What's more, he used to be a copywriter, so he even gave me some tips to improve the copy I had written for his program. That package was the first I ever wrote for Nightingale-Conant, and it became a control!

Another time I was writing about a financial product that helped people plan for retirement. Being young (I was 22 or 23 at the time), I didn't think too much about retirement. After listening to this program, I realized how crucial it was for me to take action and what an asset it was for me to start so young.

I got a hold of a financial planner here in my town, and now I'm building a "conservative way" to riches. Because this product helped me, I was able to communicate benefits clearly. And, when it was tested against another one, beat it by 60%!

Another time I had the opportunity to meet an author and renowned real estate investor, Dr. Dolf de Roos. He was doing a seminar three hours south of where I lived, during the same time I was working on his program, Property Investor's School. I attended the seminar (which I got reimbursed for!), and had the opportunity to share my ideas with Dolf in person.

What an opportunity!

Which guru would you like to meet?

Would you like to talk to meditation and Ayurveda expert, Dr. Deepak Chopra? Spiritual leaders, Dr. Wayne Dyer or Marianne Williamson? Time management guru, Stephen Covey? Famous, award-winning doctors such as Dr. Gary Null? Or someone else?

In some cases, you may even have the opportunity to meet people like this in person, too. These people are usually "off bounds" for most… but because you're getting paid to write the copy about their product, suddenly, you take center stage in their lives. They want to help you, communicate with you… and it is fun!

Fun, because you're also learning so much.

What would you like to learn?

Imagine experimenting with the latest yoga poses for golfers. Learning persuasive speaking skills. Discovering savvy real estate investing secrets. Healing through divine intervention with angels. Using mental push-ups to boost your intelligence.

Or… nurturing your body with an amazing super-food from the Orient. Toning your muscles and slimming down with the latest exercise fad. Becoming a better negotiator. Managing stress through meditation. Even teaching parrots how to speak.

Or… how about this one: a product called the "Journey to Wild Divine." It's a software game that teaches people how to use biofeedback to improve their lives. The attention-grabber to the product is that it's a cross between a course and a game… and comes complete with electronic equipment and gadgets.

It includes software, three biofeedback finger-sensors, a light stone, a soothing music CD, and the game. Plus, with the game the buyers receive "guidance from your Virtual Mentors."

Wouldn't you love to be the copywriter for that product?

All of these opportunities exist for you in the self-help market.

You'll absolutely love the choices this market gives you. Plus, the money gets better every year, especially when you're consistently creating controls. For instance, K. J., a fellow AWAI member, is already earning six figures in this market. P. F., another AWAI member, recently completed a $10,000 assignment for a real estate seminar leader!

Freelance copywriter Donna Doyle of New Jersey, said "When I first started out, I received only a few hundred dollars for writing a sales letter and I was lucky to clear $15,000 a year! Today, I charge $13,000 for the same letter – which I write from home in about three or four weeks time. Best of all, my income has SOARED: I expect to make $120,000 by the end of the year!"

I admit my progress was a little slower at first, due to some failures and setbacks. There was just so much I didn't know when I got started in this market. Even so, I've seen my fees increase too. This January I deposited a check for $4,000 into my bank account. I was so excited and happy that I was giggling in front of the teller. I didn't mean to do that, but I was just so happy.

Then, I lined up more work within a six-week period that's going to be paying me $8,150 in fees. Not bad for six weeks of work. And, that's not even including the royalty checks I get quarterly.

But, fortunately, you won't have to go through the agonizing growing pains and failures I've been through. It's going to be so much easier for you to break into – and succeed – than it was for me.  Here's why...

Soar to the top… with help from industry leaders

AWAI has gotten in touch with industry leaders within the self-help industry. Their mission is to arm you with insider secrets. Secrets that will ensure you're writing control after control after control.

You'll find these secrets in their brand-new, comprehensive program, Secrets of Writing for the Self-Help Market – Creating a Path to Personal Success.. I've already taken a look at this amazing program, and I'm excited by what I'm seeing.

In fact, I plan on using many of the secrets to advance my own skill, and I hope you'll join me. Especially if you want to be one of the top, in-demand copywriters in this industry.

I'll share a few of these secrets with you in just a moment. First, let me introduce you to the Board Members of this program…

Meet Brian Tracy. Brian is the most listened-to speaker on personal and business success in the world today. His fast-moving talks and seminars on leadership, sales, managerial effectiveness and business strategy are loaded with powerful, proven ideas and techniques that people can immediately apply to get better results in every area. Brian provides feedback from the perspective of the guru.

Brian is the Chairman of Brian Tracy International, a human resource company based in San Diego, California, with affiliates throughout America and in thirty-one countries worldwide.

Brian Tracy has produced more than 300 audio and video learning programs covering the entire spectrum of human and corporate performance. These programs, researched and developed for more than 25 years, are some of the most effective learning tools in the world. 

Some of his best-selling audiocassette programs, including: The Psychology of Achievement, Breaking the Success Barrier, The Psychology of Selling, Peak Performance Woman, The Science of Self-Confidence, Thinking Big, and How to Master Your Time

Next meet Donna Doyle. Donna has held long-term positions as a direct-mail copywriter and promotions manager for such prestigious publishers as Prentice-Hall Direct and Medical Economics, publishers of the renowned Physicians’ Desk Reference.

As copy supervisor for Prentice-Hall Direct’s health and self-improvement titles, Donna streamlined costs and dramatically improved the quality of the overall promotional effect. Within three years, this languishing product line grew from $2.5 million in sales to over $15 million annually – surpassing Prentice-Hall’s legendary educational books product line to become the most successful product line in the entire division.

In fact, Donna wrote nearly all of the profitable control packages that ran for years at Prentice-Hall. Her 10-million-piece control package for Heinerman’s Encyclopedia of Fruits, Vegetable and Herbs remained unbeatablefor six years and was named one of "Axel’s Grand Controls" by Axel Anderson of Inside Direct Mail magazine.

She repeated her stellar copy performance on Heinerman’s Encyclopedia of Healing Juices, turning this follow-up title into a worldwide bestseller. Her control mailed well over six million pieces during the next four years and even became a top-selling TV infomercial.

Consider this: Medical Economics called upon Donna to create and implement direct-marketing and promotional campaigns for the renowned Physicians’ Desk Reference and allied directory titles. Her work on the PDR for Herbal Medicines achieved outstanding response rates and pre-publication sales 150% above forecasts!

And, Krista Jones. Krista is an AWAI-trained copywriter who has been freelancing since 2002. In 2003, she won AWAI’s $10,000 Challenge for a direct-mail package she wrote for the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

Krista specializes in the self-help market and has written dozens of promotions for Nightingale-Conant, world leader in self-improvement for over 45 years. In fact, she was featured in the August 2005 issue of Monthly Copywriting Genius for a blockbuster sales promotion she created for Nightingale.

Krista is also the co-editor of Copy Protégé, a free newsletter that inspires, informs, and challenges aspiring copywriters to keep moving toward their dreams. 

And, finally, Liz Thompson. Liz, a successful entrepreneur, creator and co-founder of the top online magazine, Healthy Wealthy nWise, as well as founder of Small Business CEOMagazine and the Transperience Network, is committed to providing the tools people need to build successful lives. With her husband, Ric, Liz began work on Healthy Wealthy nWise in 2003, nurturing it until it grew into the #1 online transformational magazine in the world. 

The work Liz is doing now is without a doubt some of the most fulfilling of her life, but none of it could have come about without the principles of networking and personal development Liz has learned through her various enterprises.

Liz Thompson is successful because she shares knowledge she has accumulated. "Success is everywhere and in everyone. The more we share our passion and fulfillment, the more we create it in our own lives."

Clearly, with a team like this behind you, there's only one place you can go:

How to quickly advance to the $13,000 (per project!) fee

Can you imagine that? $13,000 for one job. That's what Donna gets (the copywriter I just introduced you to on AWAI's Board).

That's what's possible for you, for me, for all of us. And, like I said before, there are plenty of clients to go around. But first, we must reach a level of mastery… and to get to that place, knowledge is power.

This program is definitely going to give you and me that specialized, advanced knowledge. For instance, right now I'm looking at…

The do's and don'ts of niche marketing. You've really got to watch out in self-help marketing. Does the company you're working with specialize in one niche? Or is it a product that overlaps between niches? What sub-category is it in?

Very good questions… and after studying this program, you'll have the answers at your fingertips. Knowing this kind of information will help you write a successful package.

When I started out, I did not know about these differences between niches and sub-categories. And, knowing this is crucial for identifying the right emotions to tap into.

This would explain why I did so well selling wealth-building products. The emotion was easy to figure out (greed). But when I worked on motivational or inspirational type products, the emotion became a little trickier to figure out, and I failed a few times.

I remember when I worked on Maximum Confidence by Jack Canfield. Now, I'm a fan of Jack Canfield (co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series). But, even though I was passionate and excited about the content I was learning, I couldn't quite place my finger on the right emotion. That meant I focused on all the wrong words to use in my copy, and the package bombed.

And that hurts. Every time I failed, I agonized over, "Will more work be sent my way?" "What if I'm losing my touch?" "What if I'm not meant to be a copywriter?"

This doesn't have to happen to you. Not if you study the secrets in this program.

Secrets of Writing for the Self-Help Market reveals…

AWAI really breaks the market down for you. No guesswork here.

And, here's something else:  The program give you more than 40 positive words to use when writing an inspirational package; even negative words to use when proving a point. Same for spiritual, motivational and health products.

These words are POWERFUL. I'm embarrassed to say I didn't know half of them until I read them here. They're like magic words that evoke the right kind of response. Use one or two of these words on your envelope and you'll pull a reader into your package. Sprinkle them throughout your sales letter and you're assuring your success.

AWAI is making it so easy for you. They're hand-feeding you secrets that will make you excel.

Here's another one…

How to uncover the "home-run" USP.  In the over-crowded marketplace of self-help, it's crucial to find that one single concept or idea that will set your client's product apart from the competition. And, in a market that's so big, hasn't everything already been said?

It can sometimes feel like this. I ran into this dilemma in my second year of copywriting. Perhaps you've heard of Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Well, he came out with an advanced program called, The 7 Habits Mastery Series. I was asked to write the copy for it. The problem?

When I wrote the copy for it, it sounded like I was selling 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, not his new program. I was so confused. I had followed the content in his new program. So, it should have sounded unique. Why didn't I get it? I thought I was losing my touch and it really held me back for quite some time. I did, thankfully, start to see the light. But, what a major stumbling block that was for me.

It doesn't have to be an obstacle for you though. I know you will run into products that seem so similar to each other – especially if you're working on products produced by the same author or products on the same topic.

That's why AWAI has outlined how to find that USP – in a market where it can sometimes feel like everything's already been said. You'll learn how you can gain limitless options as to what your USP can be.

And, AWAI doesn't stop there. 

Their goal is to make you a master, so even though a USP is crucial to success, they're going to go one step further to helping you "find the sex." Use this technique and you'll uncover a secret "turn-on" for the package you're writing that makes the product irresistible to your prospect, so they respond and buy.

Here's something else you'll learn…

Break into internet marketing… space ads… and more

As you know, direct marketers are utilizing the internet more than ever before. You can simply run an online search on any client you’d like to work for, and you’ll find their website, online product offers, e-zines and more.

This means … another major opportunity for you!

This program devotes an entire section to teaching you the tactics of prominent self-help online marketers, such as e-blasts and Nick Usborne’s 19 secrets for creating powerful web copy that breaks through the masses.

And, here’s yet another opportunity for you …

It’s no secret that clients like to run "tests" to see if your control can be beat. But sometimes, they won’t hire another copywriter to beat your control; they’ll hire you again to edit your direct-mail package and create a space ad for them.

Simple enough, right? It can be, once you know a few editing tricks.

For instance, you could have a home-run direct-mail package. But that doesn’t make it a home-run success as a space ad. What’s the answer? Knowing which words to focus on and use. That’s why AWAI has devoted a section in this program to giving you step-by-step instruction on how to create space ads from a direct-mail package.

Follow this instruction, and you’ll know precisely where to focus your attention within a direct-mail package, so you can EASILY uncover the strongest words and hidden gems within long copy, including where to place these words in a space ad. Talk about making it easy!

I’ve only scraped the surface of this amazing program. There’s so much to it, such as the 342 secrets to boosting direct-mail response (a great checklist of ideas and tips to ensure you have a compelling self-help package).

And, AWAI has thrown in a few other items to help you, too.

As a bonus, you’ll receive The Self-Help Writer’s Guide to Boosting Productivity and Income. In this report you’ll discover three secret techniques to speed productivity and easily uncover the big idea, the USP, the benefits, teasers, metaphor ideas and other great selling ideas.

By knowing where to look, it will save you a ton of time. All you have to do is place the words in the right place within the copy, add transitions and touch it up.

Now, this may sound like cheating, but when you’re working under a tight deadline, the tips you’ll discover will be a life-saver!

And AWAI has included this report at no extra cost to you.

AWAI has so much to offer you in this program. They’ve really gone the extra mile to make it as easy as possible for you to succeed. In fact, this extra bonus is only the beginning. Here’s something else they’re giving you – 13 of the hottest blockbuster promotions in the self-help market … in addition to other samples of both winning online and print promotions within the program itself!

With access to these breakthrough controls,
you'll hit the ground running toward success…

AWAI teamed up with the industry leader in direct-mail research – the Who's Mailing What! Archive, a division of Target Marketing – to create a unique collection of 13 blockbuster controls that you can learn from.

These winning packages are selling all kinds of products. Products for the mind, body and spirit, boosting brainpower, fearless conversation, personal achievement, learning yoga, getting motivated, inner wisdom, women's fitness and health, men's health and well-being, miracles, vision improvement, and there's even a best-selling Anthony Robbins program in there.

The clients are impressive too. You've got International Masters Publishers… Verbal Advantage… Boardroom… One Spirit… Nightingale-Conant… Get Motivated Seminars… American Vision Institute… the publishers of Fitness magazine and Men's Health/Best Life magazine. So you're not studying controls from just anyone; you're learning from the best clients in the industry. And, these are potential clients for you to go after!

Here's something else too: The editors of Target Marketing's Inside Direct Mail analyze each control for you, so you'll know exactly why it worked. After all, it's one thing to read a control; it's an entirely different experience to know why it worked.

If you know why it worked – right from the headline down to the close – you won't have to guess which ideas to incorporate into your own packages. You'll know precisely which ideas to use… and that means you'll soon have your own blockbuster successes!

If you were to purchase this treasure trove on your own, it would cost you more than $400 (and you wouldn't even get them analyzed!). But it's just one of the many resources AWAI has collected as part of their comprehensive program: Secrets of Writing for the Self-Help Market.

And, that's not all.

As a copywriter, you're going to be treated as a consultant from time to time.  Smaller companies are going to look to you for advice and planning – after all, you're the professional.  Any other copywriter would be sweating in that situation, but AWAI has put together the following resource to enable you to be way ahead of the curve.

It's called The AWAI Guide to Profitable List Selection. Imagine working with a client, and when they give you their mailing list information, you know exactly how to interpret it.

That can be a reality.  With this report, you'll discover:

Armed with all this knowledge, I'll bet you'll want to dive in and start making the money! I sure hope so, because finding clients is within your reach. Very close within your reach…

Your very own marketing strategy to

That's right. AWAI is giving you a sales and marketing strategy to help you go after and get those clients!

Follow their 6-step plan and you'll have clients calling you in no time… and you'll be prepared to close the deal too.

Now, if you're a little uncomfortable about promoting yourself, don't worry. As I said before, you don't need a lot of clients in this industry. Write a strong letter and word will get out about you. Clients will find you. And, if they're publishers, you can look forward to a continued flow of work, which means you may not have to self-promote for quite some time (unless of course you choose to!).

And, here's something else AWAI has in store for you…

Pull up a chair and have coffee or tea with the pros

As part of Secrets of Writing for the Self-Help Market, AWAI will give you access to streaming MP3 audio interviews with the most sought-after self-help copywriters working today.

You'll hear from –

These masters are happy to share their secrets with you. Why? Because they know what it's like starting out and how good it felt anytime a "master" copywriter offered advice or inspiration.

Now it's time to give back… to you.

Listening in on these conversations is the next best thing to sitting with them in a room, chatting over a cup of coffee or tea. It's access you simply could not get on your own (unless, of course, you met us at bootcamp). Yet, as part of AWAI's Secrets of Writing for the Self-Help Market, these Conversations With the Masters are yours free.

AWAI truly wants to make it as EASY as possible for you to break into and succeed in the self-help market. The collection of controls they’re giving you, the bonus reports, and these interviews would more than justify the price of this program.

You won't find anything else like this program. AWAI has pulled together the top experts, creative directors, marketing managers, copywriters and gurus from the self-help industry – to give you all the tools you'll need to hone your skills further and prepare you for success in this fulfilling sector.

If you learn the secrets revealed to you, you'll enter the self-help copywriting field so informed and so knowledgeable – you'll be stunning clients with your groundbreaking controls, and quickly earning six figures.

How's all that for jump-starting your career?!

More than a six-figure income…

You're going to evolve as a person and embark on an exciting adventure… all because you're writing for this market.

You're going to have access to the most amazing products. Products that people pay $29 all the way up to $599 (and sometimes more) for, but you'll get them all for free. When you look at the programs, books and courses lined up on your bookshelf, or see the vitamins lined up in your bathroom cabinet, you'll find great satisfaction knowing you played a key role in getting that product out to customers.

Plus, the fact that you're benefiting from these products too.

I know for me, four years of writing for this market helped me gain the confidence to follow one of my dreams – dancing. I've even performed live in three dance recitals.

I remember one lady who knew me before I'd found copywriting and ventured into the self-help market met me in a pharmacy one summer's day. She said, "Catherine, you look so different. You're standing taller."

I was so happy to hear that because I used to hunch over due to my lack of confidence. But now I've grown so much and it continues to be an exciting adventure.

"What will I learn next?" I wonder. And, when I get a project, I'm like a kid at Christmas time. I can't wait to open the documents and dig into the copy.

So, if there's something you would love to learn more about, why not merge your copywriting skill with the self-help market, like I've done? As a copywriter, you spend a lot of time working on a project, so why not work on projects that also help you learn, heal, grow and evolve as a person?

Plus, the fact you're getting paid is the icing on the cake! 

Jump-start your career as
a self-help copywriter TODAY!

You won't pay thousands for AWAI's Secrets of Writing for the Self-Help Market.

For a limited time only, AWAI is offering you this comprehensive program for an investment of only $199. A fabulous offer – considering you're getting the advice you need to break into this market and EASILY make $1,500 on your first project. That's what I got when I started out. I soon moved up to $2,500 and, as I mentioned earlier, this past January I deposited a check for $4,000!

And, that's me – someone who failed my way to success. You could do so much better than me because you won't be making the same mistakes I made. Thanks to AWAI, you'll be jumping into this market with loads of specialized knowledge. The sky is truly your only limit.

Sign up today, and you’ll have online access to –

As you can see, that's well worth $1,000 or more! But as I said – it's only $199 – and you're under no risk when you try this program.

AWAI's rock-solid, 30-day guarantee

Go ahead and dive right into the Secrets of Writing for the Self-Help Market program today. Pour through the materials, one piece at a time, as leading experts guide you every step of the way. Discover the insider secrets.

If you’re not confident you’re gaining the knowledge to catapult you into this $11.06 billion industry and the specialized skill needed to easily write control after control, then here’s all you do:

Simply phone AWAI within 30 days, and they will refund your money…no questions asked!

Now, that’s fair … and there’s so much for you to gain. Amazing clients. A six-figure income. Unlimited knowledge. A vast portfolio. Living and working anywhere you choose. Speaking with gurus. It’s so much fun. You’re going to love it.

To get started, simply click here or call AWAI’s friendly member services representatives, Barb, Debbie, or Jackie toll-free at 1-866-879-2924.


Catherine Cairns
AWAI Member & Self-Help Freelance Copywriter Since 2002

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P.S. All it takes is ONE client to launch your career in the self-help market, and AWAI has made it SO EASY for you to get that client. They’re arming you with insightful, actionable advice (advice you won’t find anywhere else but here) from leading experts, copywriters and marketers in this industry … to ensure you write controls from day one. On your myAWAI Member Page, you’ll find an invaluable resource of 13 breakthrough packages with detailed analysis by direct marketing consultant, Lee Marc Stein.

Wow! You’ve got it made. I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m reading about your success story – and I look forward to it! To get started, click below now.

P.P.S. Remember, there’s absolutely no risk. Go ahead and try Secrets of Writing for the Self-Help Market for 30 days. If you’re not thrilled with the advice you’re learning, the client leads you’ve gained or any other aspect of this program – simply return it to AWAI within 30 days and they’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

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