“I’ve Averaged a Million Dollars or
More Every Year Since 1997!

“Without Being a CEO, Owning a
Business or Inheriting Money…

 “…This Simple Craft Is the Quickest
Way I Know to Get Rich.”

-Clayton Makepeace,
Freelance Copywriter

Dear Reader,

The quote above is from Clayton Makepeace, a freelance copywriter. And it’s absolutely true.

I’ll tell you more about Clayton in a minute, and the secret to how he makes so much money. But first – let’s talk about what you’re doing in your life…

Have You Decided How You’re Going to Achieve
Your Personal and Financial Goals?

If your primary goal is to change your life…

…Make the most money in the shortest period of time…

…Free yourself from the daily grind of an ordinary job…

Then it makes sense to specialize in writing for the market that typically pays the highest fees, doesn’t it?

That’s why I’m writing to you today. Perhaps it’s time for you to identify exactly how you’re going to achieve your goals. And that’s why I’d like to show you how you can break into the most prestigious and lucrative market niche there is for copywriters.

Writing for the financial market is the easiest way
I know to become a millionaire
without owning your own business.

If you think I’m exaggerating, consider this…

Many of the AWAI board members make $200,000, $300,000, and even $400,000 a year and more.

Don Mahoney and Paul Hollingshead make $400,000 a year and more writing almost exclusively for the financial market.

It only takes a few years to make a million dollars at this rate.

But there is also an elite group that makes that much every year!

For example:

Now, the same sources that these people tapped to make this kind of money are available to you.

If you accomplish only a fraction of what these copywriters have managed to do, you could make more money every year than you ever dreamed possible…

Not to mention enjoying the very enviable lifestyle of a writer – living wherever you want, and working whenever and however you want.

Katie Yeakle, here.  In my work, I meet and associate with many of the top copywriters in the world. And I can tell you firsthand – the money they make and the lifestyle they lead really is enviable. In fact, it’s comparable with that of CEOs and multimillion-dollar business owners.

But without the stress!

And there are hundreds more that I’ve never even met.

Bottom line: It’s the fastest, simplest, most effective way I know to take your copywriting career to the next level and make life-changing money.

And that’s why I’m writing to you today – to encourage you to join the ranks of today’s most successful, most highly paid copywriters in the world!

And Guess What? You’re Already on Your Way!

By choosing to become a copywriter, you’re developing one of the most financially valuable skills in America today – the ability to write powerful sales copy.

And by studying the art of copywriting through AWAI’s programs, you’ve already separated yourself from thousands of ordinary copywriters… and have taken your first step toward a life full of freedom and independence, with unlimited income potential.

But if you’re serious about becoming a professional copywriter, I strongly recommend that you write exclusively for one market niche. And today, I’m going to give you an opportunity to walk right into one of the most profitable ones.

This Particular Market Segment
Is an Absolute Money Machine

Clayton's Story

Hi. My name is Clayton Makepeace. My father was a Methodist minister who never made more than $500 a month in his life. We didn’t know we were poor, but we were. Dirt poor.

But at a very young age, I was determined to change that…

I dropped out of high school in 10th grade. My first job was for $1.60 an hour, working in a lettershop for a political organization in Oklahoma. I spent a lot of my time sitting around and reading fundraising letters all night, while the machines chugged away.

After a while, I became convinced that I could create far more powerful promotions than the company’s highly paid “experts” were producing. So I talked the owner into letting me try my hand at writing… and, sure enough, when my appeal letter mailed, it pulled better than the current control.

At the ripe old age of 16, I had become an amateur – read that “unpaid” – direct-mail copywriter. Of course, it didn’t even occur to me at the time that copywriting could earn me a decent living.

In 1974, I responded to an ad for a small brokerage firm in L.A. that wanted to start a creative division. They were looking for someone who could write copy for them.

For my audition, I wrote a package for an imaginary organization… and they hired me on the spot! In a couple of years, we built our creative billing up to a million dollars a year. At that point, I had a disagreement with the owner about my compensation and went out on my own. That was in ’78. And in my first month on my own, I made more than I had during the entire previous year. And I’ve been a freelancer ever since.

Around 1980, I picked up a direct-mail piece that Research Publications had done. I thought it was terrible, so I called the owner and told him so. He hired me to write my first financial package promoting a financial newsletter.

Then, in 1982, this fellow from Minnesota called me and asked if I’d write a direct-mail package promoting his brand-new financial newsletter called The Money Advocate. And within 18 months, we had generated 120,000 paying subscribers. I was off to the races!

Today, I make SEVEN FIGURES, and live the lifestyle that accompanies it. In fact, my income has averaged well over $1 million a year since 1997. But unlike most copywriters I know, 100% of my income is from royalties – I don’t make a penny unless my client succeeds. That alone is a testament to the effectiveness of my copy.

Now, most copywriters spend years enduring a trial-and-error phase before breaking into writing for the financial markets.

But there’s a simpler, more effective way for you to break into this prestigious niche – armed with all the tools and techniques you need to join the ranks of today’s highest-paid copywriters.

If you’re interested in doing it much, much faster than I did, please read on…


Clayton Makepeace

It’s no secret that financial copywriters are among the highest-paid writers in the direct-response industry. The royalties alone are huge! Some, like Clayton Makepeace, make millions of dollars every year.

But even if you did half that well, one-quarter that well, or even one-tenth that well, you’d still be making over a hundred thousand dollars in a single year!

If you value your time and energy, and would like to take your copywriting career to the next level, you’ll want to take advantage of this little shortcut…

I’ll show you exactly how you can break into this lucrative industry and reap all the benefits of being a successful direct-mail copywriter – plus the added benefits of writing for the financial market.

I’ll introduce you to today’s most successful financial copywriters – guys like Clayton Makepeace, Dick Sanders, and a handful of others – and show you their secrets of success.

But first, let me show you why writing for the financial market is such a huge and lucrative field…

America Has Become
a Nation of Investors

It used to be that, like golf, investing was a hobby that only the rich participated in.

In 1923, most people simply couldn’t afford to invest in stocks or bonds… due largely to the high risk factor. For this reason, the financial market was primarily the domain of the very wealthy.

That situation has changed…

For the past 80 years, and especially in the last decade, the market for financial products has expanded beyond anything that existed previously.

Take, for example, the growing popularity of mutual funds.

By 1984, 5.7% of American households owned shares in mutual funds. Today, that number has grown to 49.6%. In other words, that number has multiplied 8 times over in the last 20 years!

The “popularization of investing” has led to unprecedented growth among investors looking to make money in the financial market… and has made the need for qualified financial copywriters even greater.

Niche Markets Offer Fertile
Ground for Financial Copywriters

…And there are many more financial sectors today than ever before.

As a financial copywriter, you’ll be exposed to all kinds of money-making information – and not just about mutual funds. You could write about stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, emerging markets, foreign currencies, hedge funds… Your opportunities are endless.

The fact is, these various markets are constantly in need of expert opinions. And the demand for those who help compose these expert opinions (copywriters!) for potential investors will continue to rise.

There is always money to be made through knowledgeable investing, and plenty is at stake for those who write about these ever-changing markets.

And that’s exactly why the demand for financial copywriters will be with us indefinitely!

The good news is that there is plenty of room for you to successfully carve out a profitable niche in this field.

It used to be that only the top copywriters – guys like Clayton Makepeace, Paul Hollingshead, and Don Mahoney wrote for the financial industry. Not so anymore. In fact, some marketing directors actually prefer to work with newcomers... because of their fresh, out-of-the-box approach to financial copywriting.

That’s where you come in. As an up-and-coming financial copywriter, you can learn how to write a control-beating package that knocks the socks off your client the first time. So, right off the bat, you start earning royalties… experience the feeding frenzy that keeps many copywriters glued to this market… and turn the copywriting world as you know it upside-down.

Why the Market Is So Huge

Writing for the financial market is perhaps the biggest industry in direct response today…

Consumers are hungry for financial products and services that can help them make or save money. And demand for these products is soaring!

And all of these companies need copywriters like you to sell their products and services!

That means… as a financial copywriter, you’ll never have to worry about being downsized. No matter how many letters you write… there will never be enough financial copywriters to fill the need for this valuable information… period!

Internet Growth Spells More Opportunity for You

The financial sector is growing in another way, too.

Thanks to the growth of the Internet, the demand for copy has doubled… even tripled!


Utilizing the Web… in addition to mailing sales letters… marketing directors can reach an audience in the millions… delivering timely information more quickly… all with the touch of a button!

And because marketing directors are saving millions by posting their promotions online – no postage necessary… no envelopes… no paper or printing costs…

…they’re more willing than ever to use that extra money to pay copywriters to write more letters.

What does this mean for you?

The floodgates are open, my friend.

There are around 8,000 publicly traded stocks, and most of them can be accessed online. On top of that, investors can choose from over 8,800 mutual funds and 139 exchange-traded funds.

But just because there are more facts and figures available, that doesn’t mean the average person has time to study them all. The individual investor is just as short on time today as he was 30 years ago.

He may derive a certain pride and pleasure from managing his own portfolio, but he also wants products and services that can help him avoid losses, achieve a millionaire’s lifestyle in record time, and look like a financial genius to his friends and relatives.

The result is an increasing demand for financial products and services… and for copywriters like you who have the skills to write these letters.

That’s precisely the advantage of becoming a financial copywriter!

Break Into This Market Niche Today…
and Cash In on the Crucial Demand
for Letters That Really Work

But as a financial copywriter, you won’t just be selling financial products and services…

You’ll be selling valuable information that can help thousands of people make more money, invest smarter, manage their money wiser, and achieve long-term wealth.

What’s more – it’s nearly impossible to put a price tag on the opportunity to make thousands of dollars on a single trade… or to protect your entire life savings…

…so consumers are willing to pay top dollar for these financial services.

That’s why writers who specialize in writing for the financial markets are among the highest-paid copywriters in the world. Higher royalties. Fat paychecks!

Now Is the Time!

This could be your year. Now, more than ever, marketing directors are looking for solid financial copywriters to write for them…

My friends and colleagues from Agora, Inc., the Oxford Club, Power House Profits, Sovereign Society, Weiss Research, Taipan Group, Money Week, and many others are on the lookout for new talent. All of them have told me they’re on the lookout for up-and-coming financial copywriters…

One thing’s for sure: Once you learn how to write the powerful letters financial companies are looking for, you’ll be in great demand… simple as that. Word spreads fast in this industry.

Get the Inside Scoop From the
Best Financial Copywriters in the Business

Here at AWAI, we spent over a year speaking with financial copywriters who’ve made millions writing for the financial markets. We spent hours picking their brains, collecting their most precious insider secrets…

…building a lifetime’s worth of knowledge and information to help copywriters like you take your copywriting career to the next level, in the fastest time possible, and make up to a million dollars in a single year!

Collectively, we’ve put together an all-inclusive package full of proven techniques that legendary copywriters have used to write control-beating financial copy, every time.

It’s all here, in AWAI’s Secrets of Writing for the Financial Market, a comprehensive program that reveals everything you need to know to break into this market niche, to write control-beating financial copy consistently, and ratchet up your income.

You’ll learn:

It would take you years to learn all these secrets, not to mention the money you’d spend earning a degree in finance… but in Secrets of Writing for the Financial Market,we’ll spell it all out for you in plain English so you can get started immediately! It can shave years off your learning curve…

But that’s just the beginning…

A List of Over 300 Potential Clients –
Just to Get You Started!

In addition, we’ve also included in Secrets of Writing for the Financial Market a database of more than 300 clients in the financial field that use direct mail. These organizations are looking for new talent – and you can contact them immediately.

The list includes a diverse range of potential clients for you. Whether you’re interested in writing for financial newsletters, trading services, magazines, credit cards, or other financial products and services… you’ll find excellent contacts here.

Please understand, this is no ordinary client list. We’ve compiled it in cooperation with Target Marketing’s Directory of Major Mailers. It’s a detailed database that highlights over 300 potential clients for you, describes the kinds of direct-mail packages they’re mailing, and what’s working…

It even gives you the name, phone number, and email address of the person to contact about writing for each one… so you can get started immediately!

In other words, it gives you the “who’s who” of industry contacts that you really need to launch a highly successful career writing for the financial markets today.

Target Marketing’s all-inclusive Directory of Major Mailers sells for $399 – and it’s worth every penny. Yet, this specially targeted potential client database is yours to keep, as our gift to you, as part of Secrets of Writing for the Financial Market.

One-on-One Interviews With the Pros

And that’s not all. As part of Secrets of Writing for the Financial Market, you’ll also have access to the transcripts of a collection of five interview with the experts – conversations with industry legends and the most sought-after financial copywriters in the working world.

For example, you’ll hear from…

You’ll also hear from two million-dollar copywriters – one who is considered to be “one of the two highest-paid writers” in the country.

It would be impossible to put a price tag on the invaluable insights you’ll receive from these gurus.. It’s the next best thing to meeting them in person. And not only are these experts reflective and engaging – they’re here to answer the tough questions and help you hit the ground running.

Most of these experts now work only for a few clients – and because they’re semi-retired, they’re unavailable for consultations to the public, no matter what the price. Yet, as part of AWAI’s Secrets of Writing for the Financial Market, these transcribed Conversations With the Masters are yours, absolutely FREE!

In all honesty, the collection of controls working in the mail right now, the client database, and the interviews alone would more than justify the price of this program. But with AWAI’s Secrets of Writing for the Financial Market, you get much, much more.

A Special Bonus Report: The Financial Primer

You’ll also receive a comprehensive, 37-page e-book that covers everything you need to know about writing for the financial market.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor, somewhat familiar with financial terms, or completely new to this field… you’ll benefit tremendously from having the knowledge and know-how to write on a wide range of topics, including economics, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, taxes, accounting, the various types of securities, derivatives, trading strategies, and real estate.

The purpose of this guide is to familiarize you with some of the terms and investment approaches frequently used on Wall Street, and give you a starting point for your own research into the specific type of product you are writing for at the moment.

Learning the buzzwords financial copywriters use, and adding them to your vocabulary, can take years off your learning curve…

And that’s not all…

Hands-On Resources and Marketing Advice

Included in Secrets of Writing for the Financial Market program and bonus materials you’ll find not only the critical fundamentals you need to write copy, but also the kinds of hands-on resources that will prove to be invaluable tools as you break into (and succeed in) this prestigious market sector, resources like…

This program is one of a kind. Secrets of Writing for the Financial Market delivers the insiders’ techniques that really work… and gives you access to information revealed by the nation’s top financial experts.

Most people spend years in school gathering this sort of intelligence before they can actually start making money in the financial industry. Stockbrokers are required to take multiple tests before receiving a license. Financial planners need a four-year degree. And accountants must pass the dreaded CPA exam before they’re allowed to work in this field.

It would take you years, not to mention thousands of dollars in tuition, to obtain this sort of knowledge. But, truth be told, what you’d come away with would likely be, at best, the boring, watered-down “academic” version – without the access to the experts’ invaluable insights that are such a critical part of our program.

But you don’t need an MBA, a CFP, or even a CPA to write financial copy. All you need is desire. The desire to learn. The desire to succeed. And the desire to help people save or make more money.

As an AWAI member, you already understand the fundamentals of writing great copy… and you’ve proven your desire to learn. Secrets of Writing for the Financial Market is designed to improve your skills further, prepare you for success in this sector, and take your copywriting career to the next level.

Get Your First Assignment Before You
Even Finish the Program

And even that’s not all…

Here at AWAI, we really believe that the only way to excel in this business is to get your hands dirty. You’ve got to roll up your sleeves and get into the meat of it. That’s the only way to learn how to do it right.

And that’s why we’ve included another bonus that will prove critical to your success: a live “spec” challenge.

It’s a real opportunity from a real organization that’s looking for financial letters to mail. And if they like yours and decide to test it, you’ll get paid, too.

And I guarantee you – if your submission does go into the mail, your earnings will more than cover the cost of this program.

Just imagine, a couple months from now you could be actively working as a financial copywriter. Talk about jumpstarting your new career!

This is an ideal way to open up new income potential, build your portfolio, and give yourself a small taste of the satisfaction you’ll enjoy as a financial copywriter.

Join the Ranks of Today’s Top
Financial Copywriters Today

When you consider the true value of each component included in AWAI’s Secrets of Writing for the Financial Market, the total comes to well over $1,500. We’ve pulled together everything you need to know to break into – and truly succeed in – this prestigious, highly lucrative field of copywriting.

However, for a limited time we’re offering this program for just $399. You could easily make more than that from your spec challenge alone. (The average starting fee to write a typical 8-page promotion is $2,500.)

And if you land just one of the clients you’ll learn more about in the program materials, you’re likely to cover this cost many times over.

Sign on today, and we’ll send you:

You can see why this comprehensive program is valued at well over $1,500. But, as I’ve said, it’s available to you today for just $399. Please keep in mind, however, that this is a limited-time offer that we may not extend indefinitely.

Rock-Solid, 30-Day Guarantee

So don’t wait. Have online access to AWAI’s Secrets of Writing for the Financial Market  today, and get a fast start out of the starting gate.

Try it for 30 days. And if you don’t agree that it’s worth every penny you paid for it, simply call Member Services at 866-879-2924 and we’ll refund the purchase price, no questions asked.

There’s absolutely no risk to you. And there’s so much for you to gain. I invite you to join the ranks of the most successful financial copywriters working today. There’s never been a more efficient way to get started.

In less than a month, this program could have you earning money for writing highly effective financial letters… and feeling satisfied knowing that you’re living up to your potential.

To get started immediately, click below or call Debbie, Jackie, or Barb toll-free at 1-866-879-2924.


Katie Yeakle
Executive Director
American Writers & Artists Inc.

P.S. Two things really distinguish financial copywriters from the rest: the financial education and insider information you’ll be privy to, and the prestige that follows… plus the potential to make millions. Writing for the financial world of money and investing is the quickest way to earn respect from your peers… and join the ranks of today’s most successful copywriters.

P.P.S. Remember, there’s absolutely no risk. Try Secrets of Writing for the Financial Market for 30 days. If you don’t think it’s everything we’ve promised here – and more – simply return it, and we’ll refund your money. No questions asked. Click below to get started today.

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