Earn an Extra $93,250
Next Year and Finish
Your Screenplay!

(I did it part-time … I'll show you how)

Dear Reader,

If you’re reading this letter, then you and I have something in common.

We have writing in our blood.

When you’re born with an undying urge to write, there is nothing more agonizing than not being able to earn a living doing so.

Believe me, I know as well as anyone how frustrating it is to be forced to work at some other job to keep a roof over your head when you know you should be earning a living as a writer.

I’m Paul Lawrence.

I was in my 30s and I was a broke screenwriter busting my hump teaching ballroom dancing and driving a piece of crap car that leaked oil so badly it emanated clouds of smoke at every stoplight.

Then, I learned a way to make more money than I ever dared to dream by writing simple letters.

But Most Importantly, I Have
the Freedom to Pursue My Passion

See, all of this extra cash allowed me to pursue and make my dream of writing a movie that was produced come true.

I’ve written a movie script that became a multimillion-dollar film that was distributed worldwide and got me listed in IMDB. I got to be out on the set where they shot in New Mexico and had famous actors asking me if they were doing the lines the way I intended … my name rolls out in those credits in the front of the film as well as being on the DVD cover.

I’m going to tell you exactly how I started making this “side” money that gave me the freedom to succeed in my Hollywood dreams and how you can do the same, but I think you’ll understand it all better if I share with you a little bit more of my story …

So, like I said, I was a ballroom dance instructor just barely scraping by when I learned about this opportunity to earn huge bucks by writing these simple letters.

My first 12-page letter earned me a thousand bucks since I was a newbie. As I advanced, my fees went up. Today, I wouldn’t even consider writing one for less than $5,000 plus a royalty.

When you find out how much I’ve actually made over the past 10 years from writing these simple letters, you might even be skeptical. Hell, I would be very skeptical!

Accountant Statement

I am hereby stating under oath that I have been the accountant for Paul Lawrence for the last 10 years and have witnessed him go from earning about $15,000 a year as a dance instructor to someone that reports on his taxes an income that is hundreds of thousands of dollars.

– Joann Fox
Certified Public Accountant

So, I’d like to get the doubts removed right away. To the side is a statement from my accountant.

I can promise you that while she likes me, she doesn’t like me enough to lie for me.

I’m not offering you this proof to show you how clever or successful I am.

I’m giving you this proof so that as you read this letter, you will understand that I am someone who has actually done it.

I am one of those very fortunate few writers who has seen his words appear on a real movie.

And, I am also someone that makes “mountains of money” as a writer.

I hope you will take this letter very seriously because just as my life was changed so dramatically, so could yours.

My First Big Score Writing a Letter
Brought Me in Close to $20,000

Yes … I’ve been paid nearly twenty grand to write one letter.

But, that’s not even the exciting part.

Listen to this … I wrote another letter just a few years ago … granted it was a 16-pager, not 12. But, I was paid over FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS for it.

And today, as a direct result of this part-time writing that I do, I’m bringing in nearly half a million dollars a year … working a few hours a day.

Obviously, having this large income has made my life very nice. I still can’t help smiling every time I climb into my Jaguar XK or when I sit out on my patio and watch the fountain in my pool … which is just one of the many sweet amenities in my house.

My kids have their college educations all taken care of when they get to that age (my daughter is only 19 months old as I write this). When birthdays and holidays come up, I can buy my wife any present she wants.

I’m even able to share my good fortune with my extended family. I told you how not that many years ago, I was forced to drive a car that leaked oil and spewed smoke among its many flaws. Well, can you imagine how nice it felt when last month I bought a brand-new car … all cash … for my in-laws who are having a tough time?

Financial Freedom Will Expedite
Your Hollywood Ambitions

I suppose that being able to enjoy everything I just described above would be enough for most people. But frankly, for me, it isn’t enough.

That’s because I have a passion for storytelling. If you have made the grueling effort that is required to complete one or more feature films or television scripts, then you must share that passion too.

So, make no mistake about it. I’m not telling you to forget about your Hollywood career. Quite to the contrary, I’m telling you that this amazing secret to making boatloads of money with part-time writing will help your dreams come true that much faster.

In my case, once I had all of this dough pouring in, it made taking trips out to LA to go to pitch events or take meetings much easier.

I’ll tell you something else it did. It stopped me from always having to negotiate from a position of weakness.

In my early days of screenwriting, I was so desperate to sell something that I was willing to accept deals that weren’t all that great.

Maybe it’s happened to you? You meet an indie producer who likes your script, but he doesn’t want to give you anything more than a dollar to option your script for a year. It’s not necessarily always a crazy idea to give a producer a “free option,” but when you do it because you’re desperate, chances are against it working out for you.

I’ve even sold scripts for next to nothing. I sold one feature film script of mine for a paltry $5,000. You know why? Quite simple. I needed the money and they knew it.

But now, things are different. Sure, I want to make some more film and television deals. However, I’m no longer pressed financially to make it happen on someone else’s terms. If some producer wants to offer me five grand for a feature film, I’ll just pass because five thousand dollars won’t make or break me. In fact, now I often have days where I make that much in just a morning of writing.

In fact, being successful financially just helps me overall when I come in to pitch to development executives because I no longer feel intimidated.

Hell, chances are that I make five times or more what the development executive in front of me makes. And, that confidence shows. People in Hollywood love confidence. They can’t help but think, if this guy is confident, he must know something I don’t!

How I Found This Writer’s Goldmine

As I said earlier in this letter, I used to be a starving writer who taught ballroom dancing to make ends meet while I was waiting for my big screenwriting break to come along.

Well, I had this wealthy couple as clients. I taught them private lessons at their beachside mansion every week. Over time, I became friendly with the husband who was intrigued that I was trying to become a screenwriter.

It turned out he had made his fortune in the world of direct-response copywriting. I had no idea, but he actually turned out to be famous in that world. His name is Mark Ford. I knew he was rich from his house, but I had no idea he’d started dozens of multimillion-dollar companies and was a legendary copywriter and businessman.

All I knew was he had a hell of a nice house. So, when he suggested that I might like to learn how to write direct-response copy as a way to improve my finances (he saw my jalopy on his driveway every week), I figured I’d give it a try.

It seemed hard to believe that other writers were getting paid thousands of dollars just to write letters.

Mark explained it to me like this:

“If I could write you a letter that would make you a million dollars, wouldn’t you happily pay me ten thousand dollars to do so?”

That did make sense to me. Plus, I knew he had that beachfront mansion, so I decided to commit to it.

Mark recommended that I take a program from American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI) called the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

AWAI Has Changed Thousands of Writers’ Lives

It turns out there is this company that has been around since 1997 offering the necessary training to take writers like you and me and show us how to monetize our talent in a way that offers a potential income at the highest level.

I’ve already made it crystal clear how much this program has changed my life and I’ll detail the process a little more in a moment.

But, I want you know that while I am just one of their “success” stories, there are many many more writers who have had their lives changed by AWAI.

You can hear it from just a couple of them directly here …

“I never imagined my life could change so fast! Within 12 months of signing up for your program, I deposited $103,783 in the bank working from home as a copywriter. Thank you for totally changing life for me and my family!”

— Joshua B., Springville, UT

“My skills are way above what these businesses are used to, while giving me a chance to gain experience and improve my writing. And I am making decent money. For example, in the month of January alone, I earned $8,150.”

– Cindy C., Jacksonville, FL

Not that many years ago, I made like three hundred bucks a week. I had a fridge full of macaroni and cheese and hot dogs. I had it budgeted so every meal I ate cost just a $1.25.

Now, I make more than most lawyers and doctors … the only difference is that I only require a couple of hours a day to do it. Oh, and I choose those hours at my own discretion.

I remember the day I opened the program. I took it with me on a plane because I was traveling to LA for a pitchmart where I had paid a fee to get a chance to present my scripts to producers.

From the moment I started reading it, I realized I had just found a raw power that was within me but wasn’t harnessed.

The program spoke about writing to people in a conversational tone in simple language. This was for me! Half the reason I became a screenwriter instead of a novelist was because I wasn’t a master of the English language, but I could capture people’s voices. The program explained how to stimulate people’s emotions …

A Scientific Approach to Art

I think one of the things that mesmerized me about this program is that it broke down how these powerful sales letters have a structure of their very own.

It kind of reminded of a screenplay. When I first started learning to write screenplays, I was surprised they had three acts. I didn’t even know that there needed to be a “turning point,” a plot point at the end of the first act somewhere around page thirty that escalated the protagonist into a new direction. Frankly, I didn’t even know there needed to an instigating incident early in that first act to propel the protagonist into the plot.

There’s no doubt that a well-written screenplay is a piece of art. But, it is also a well-structured entity with character arcs and subplots woven into the plot.

And, that’s what makes these direct-response letters so powerful is that they also have a very specific structure and many other elements woven within them.

That made sense to me. Because to tell you the truth, I really didn’t feel like I was much of a salesman at that time. But, if you give me a structure and tools to write with, then I can make it happen.

So, after reading only a few pages, I knew I was going to be able to do it. I couldn’t put the program down! I had finally found this incredible opportunity that was going to get me out of the poorhouse.

By the time I returned back home a week later, I was already halfway through with the program. A couple of weeks later, I was done.

Within a month, I’d gotten paid for writing my first letter … which was a sales promotion for a large investors club that was seeking to increase its membership.

Shortly after that, I wrote one that was a big seller that I was getting a royalty on. Yes, that’s right. Copywriters not only get paid hefty upfront fees, they also frequently get paid royalties if their letters bring in large revenues. I remember opening up my mailbox at the condo I used to live in and nearly fainting when there was a check for $4,500!

The next quarter, another check came for a similar amount.

That’s when I started thinking, “Man, if I’m getting paid this much as a little taste, just think about how much I could make if I had a real piece of the action?”

So, while I still happily took writing assignments to get paid five grand for a week’s worth of work, I also looked for deals where I could have a percentage of the profits.

And, that’s how I ended up making fifty thousand dollars for writing one letter. I pitched a direct-response company an educational investment program that a friend of mine had authored and offered to write the sales letter on spec for a percentage of the net.

Today, I still do both kinds of copywriting. Hey, if you want to throw five or ten thousand bucks my way, I’ll happily write your letter. And, I also write sales letters for products I have a proprietary interest in.

So whether you are happy just cashing five thousand dollar checks or want to get a little more entrepreneurial about it, becoming a professional direct-response copywriter will allow you to work part-time and make a fortune.

With your financial house in that kind of order, you will be free like me to pursue your passion of making it in Hollywood.

In fact, I want you to make your screenwriting dreams come true so badly, I’m going to give you a very valuable free tool to help you. I’ll give you the details on that it in a few moments, but first let me share with you some of the powerful tools you can expect from AWAI to help you start making a better-than-full-time income with part-time hours.

This Accelerated Program will swiftly show you:

But, the program does not leave you there. The masters who wrote the program know that the next steps are just as important as the writing.

You Won’t Have to Go it Alone

That’s also what makes this program so extraordinary.

You see, you don’t just get a book and hearty slap on the back along with a “Vaya con Dios.”

You become part of a family.

The AWAI team has a professional staff that works year round to help its members build their careers.

Included with your membership comes a free subscription to The Golden Thread, AWAI’s weekly e-newsletter chocked full of writing tips, information on what you should charge, advice about the business end, success stories, and more.

I read every single issue of The Golden Thread, and frequently print them off for my files — it’s that valuable. Archives are available online, but I like my own hard copies to mark up.

Being plugged in to this comprehensive newsletter was how I first learned that online copywriting was the next big opportunity, allowing me to be more open to web clients.

Also, as a member, you’ll be able to go directly onto DirectResponseJobs.com, the exclusive AWAI jobs portal where you’ll have access to actual paying jobs from real clients that want to hire an AWAI-trained copywriter.

“I wanted to tell you about the success I had as soon as I finished the Accelerated Program in getting my FIRST paying copywriting assignment through DirectReponseJobs.com.

“I logged onto DRJ and found a posting by the President of a start-up company who happened to be located right here in Minnesota. She was looking for someone to help her develop a sales brochure for her new product. After one meeting with her, she hired me!

“The job I was hired for through DirectResponseJobs.com gave me the confidence boost I needed to know that I would succeed in my new career — and it’s going great. I’m now working full-time in my freelance career and I am loving every busy, crazy minute of it!”

Caroline M., Wayzata, MN

“The ability to pay my bills no longer worries me, even in these rough times. I know I can always market my skills to an endless list of potential clients and keep enough copywriting projects rolling in.”

Cheryl M., Mercer Island, WA

Most days, I log onto AWAI’s Members-Only Website just to see what’s going on. I click around to see if there are new job listings I’m interested in and to check out the Member Forum.

And, it doesn’t stop there. If you want to do more — it’s entirely up to you. They also offer their annual FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair in Delray Beach, FL.

I’ve attended it several years and not only did I improve my copywriting, I made connections which directly led to more paydays.

Knowing you’re not alone can make all the difference in the world.

In fact, you can join groups of other motivated copywriters who meet by telephone to support each other and share their victories.

If you’re used to having a critique group for your creative writing, you may already recognize the value of communicating frequently with like-minded writers.

AWAI can help with that, too, by getting you together with other copywriters interested in forming a mastermind group.

Who Are These Paying Clients?

That was one of the first things I thought of when I heard about this program.

It’s certainly a question I’d expect for you to have. So, let me tell you.

They are businesses in virtually every industry in existence.

Every day you read email at your computer, and mail that arrives on your porch. You read web pages and newspaper ads. You read magazine advertorials. You even read the words on coupons.

These materials (and more) keep companies in business by letting readers know about their products or services. Without these messages, business could not happen.

All these messages that have to be written by someone.

So, the need is enormous. Every business, in every city, needs people who know how to write powerful, effective sales messages.

These in-demand wordsmiths are people like me, and maybe you — we are the copywriters.

Even the letter you are reading right now is an example of copywriting.

Every product that is sold, rented, or traded must first be written about, and that requires someone who knows his or her way around words.

Any wonder why copywriters are in such high demand?

If you aren’t already excited, you should be.

Think about it: You already love to write.

Sure, just about anyone can learn the rules of copywriting if they work at it.

But, you are already halfway there.

Once you learn the specific skills needed, you’ll be ready to help businesses sell their products, raise funds, or attract users.

You’ll be worth the rates you charge because the right words make an enormous difference in any company’s bottom line. To them, you are money in the bank.

Copywriters get paid well because they bring in money. It really is that simple. Paying $5,000 to a copywriter for a letter is no big deal when it brings in $50,000, $500,000 or $5 million to the company.

How Much is Changing Your Life Worth?

I want you take just a moment and imagine how your life would be if you no longer had to worry about getting your bills paid.

But even better than that, you were able to earn all that money doing something you truly loved … something that you were given a gift to be able to do.

When I think back to how frustrated I was because I knew I should be in a better place in life, I can tell you that I’d have gladly paid $50,000 to learn what was in that program.

Naturally, while a program like this that offers you a treasure chest of secrets from some of the world’s best copywriting masters isn’t cheap, it didn’t cost me that kind of money.

It didn’t even cost me one thousand dollars.

I’ll tell you exactly how much it cost, but before I do I want to give you some very good news.

You’ll be able to try the AWAI Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting with no risk.

100% Money Back Guarantee

You may try the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting for a full 365 days. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you may obtain a full refund. No questions asked.

There’s no hook … no catch … no trick.

There is a very simple reason that AWAI can make this offer to you. It’s because this program is so exceptional that you’re not going to want a refund.

I predict you are going to be just like me … pinching yourself to make sure you’re not really dreaming because your life is going to feel like a dream.

Believe me, it almost feels criminal that people are eagerly paying me thousands and thousands of dollars just to write letters.

The beauty of it is that they are thrilled to pay me because these letters I write bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars. And, when you are privy to the secrets that these masters share, you’ll be able to do the same.

I realize that this extraordinary guarantee should be more than enough to have you scrolling down to the order button right now, but I want to go one step further.

I Want to Offer You a Free Gift

I have had so much joy in my life since I became financially independent through copywriting and became successful in my quest to write a screenplay that became a real produced movie that I want to help you do the same.

Why? Because I’ve experienced the anguish of being poor … being the one the family rolled their eyes over … especially when they talked about me as the “dreamer.”

That’s why I feel I owe it to all of my fellow writers out there who may be struggling like I was to help them the way someone helped me.

A Free Insider’s Guide to Screenplay Marketing

If you choose to become part of the AWAI family, I’m going to give you a special bonus.

I’m going to give you a totally free program on how to sell your screenplay. This program, which I wrote, reveals all of the secrets I learned during a 10-year period breaking into the Hollywood system.

It’s not a theoretical book written by someone that hasn’t ever actually had one of their scripts made into a movie. And, it’s not a course written by someone who started out with connections in the business.

It’s a hands-on manual on how to break through the barriers when you’re an unknown who has no connections or contacts.

Most people who have this manual have paid me $79 for it, but I’m going to give it you for free.

And, even if for any reason you aren’t thrilled with the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting and decide to get a refund, you can still keep my screenwriting marketing how-to manual as a “thank you” for giving it a try.

So, like I said, I would’ve happily paid fifty thousand dollars for the life that AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting has brought me.

To be honest, when I first learned about AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, I assumed it would cost well over $1,000. Most programs of this magnitude do … sometimes a lot more.

So, when I discovered that it was available for only $497, I jumped on it. And, it’s been money well spent. In fact, with my very first small job, I earned enough to pay for it and then some.

For a limited time only $197!

But now, for a short time, you can own it for only $197. In my mind, that’s unbelievable — I mean, your very first job, even if it’s a small one, will more than pay for this program.

But, that’s not all. What is so fantastic about this version you’ll be getting is that not only do you get all of the same great content I got years ago, but you will also get all the updates since then … plus lifetime free updates. (AWAI calls The Accelerated Program a “living program” since they regularly come up with new ways to make an exceptional product even better. And, all of these new updates are free with your membership.)

Look, if you go out to a nice restaurant for one dinner with a couple of people, the check with a tip is probably about a hundred bucks.

So, what we’re talking about is essentially a couple of dinners.

For the cost of a couple of dinners, you can change your entire life and future.

Honestly, if what you want to do in life is earn a living as a writer, you have to be insane not to seize this opportunity.

As I mentioned earlier, this program has not only changed my life, it’s changed countless lives. I know I let you hear from a few other happy writers, but please let me share these words from just a few more too.

“This week I closed one assignment and have two good, unexpected leads. I’ve made more than I made in four or five years of writing books and magazine articles.”

– Bev H., Palm Bay, FL

“My wife and I had just had our first child, and I didn’t want to be away from home every week,” he said. “Sure, the money and upside they were offering me was amazing, but I wanted both: a way to make a great income and have full control over how and when I worked.

“As a freelance writer, I’m able to chart my own course while generating a very strong income doing something I love. I don’t commute to work … I don’t have to travel … I get to see my family every day … I have no one to answer to … I make my own business decisions … I have plenty of variety in my everyday work … And I get to help my clients generate more revenue!

“Plus, I’m a lot more relaxed than I used to be. This may sound cheesy, but I’m a lot more at peace now that I’m in control of my life.

“As for replacing that six-figure salary, that wasn’t a problem for me. In my first full year as a full-time freelance writer, I grossed over $163,000.”

– Ed G., Marietta, GA

“It’s been almost six years since I ordered my first AWAI product, and over those years I’ve learned so much – not just about copywriting and marketing – but also about myself and what I’m capable of as a person.

It’s almost mind-boggling when I think about how far I’ve come.

These programs have enabled me to dramatically boost my income, work all over the world, and enjoy a lifestyle that practically everybody dreams of … just like AWAI promised.”

– Jason G., freelance copywriter writing from an island off the coast of Thailand

There is nothing that is going to help your dream of becoming a successful screenwriter more than becoming flush with cash from a part-time gig like copywriting.

You have no reason not change your life like I’ve done.

There’s no risk. If this program isn’t everything I’ve told you it is, you can get back every nickel. Plus, I’m giving you my personal Script Marketing Secrets course that you get to keep either way.

If you’re ready to change your life now, then act right now.

It will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made in your life.


Paul Lawrence
Screenwriter and Copywriter

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Industry Pros Have Discovered
The Power of AWAI ’s Program …

“The simple fact is, AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting is hands down the best way I know to get a working knowledge of the world’s most effective copywriting techniques today.

It has, quite simply, become the standard of the industry. Like many direct response companies, I won’t even consider hiring a copy cub who hasn’t completed both the basic and the advanced program.”

– Clayton Makepeace,
Seven-Figure Copywriter

“As a marketer who has hundreds of copywriting resources on his shelf — I’ll tell you AWAI knows their stuff!”

– Yanik Silver,

“Most copywriters will tell you there are proven, specific techniques behind the art of persuasion. The same ideas that hide behind the ‘junk mail’ you find in your mailbox everyday are the same ideas you can use to boost your query letters and grab an editor’s attention.

AWAI has not only uncovered these secrets, but they’ve managed to put them all together in an easy to follow program.

I worked as a consultant for a large corporation for over 12 years. While employed there, I had the opportunity to go through many ‘consulting’ or ‘sales’ courses that cost literally THOUSANDS of dollars. Through those courses, I only learned a fraction of what’s contained in the AWAI program.”

– Dan Case,
Editor, Writing for DOLLARS!

“I’m pretty picky about what resources I recommend to my readers. I won’t endorse anything that promises you can ‘get rich quick’ or that professes to know the ‘secret’ of ‘fast, easy success.’ Hey, if you could really earn $1,000 a week stuffing envelopes at home, the American workplace would be empty. As much as we may wish for some magic answer, the fact of the matter is this: Changing course to create the kind of work and life you really want takes time, effort and commitment. Period.

Naturally then I was somewhat skeptical when AWAI contacted me about the program ‘Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.’ Before I recommend anything to my readers I like to see it for myself. In a matter of days, I received the entire program — over 700 pages of material!

Before I launched Changing Course, I worked in the marketing field, so I know a little about the direct mail and copywriting world. To say that I was impressed with the program content would be an understatement. It is highly readable, thorough, and on-target.”

– Valerie Young,
Editor, Changing Course Newsletter

“For the aspiring copywriter new to the arena of persuasive writing, AWAI’s Six-Figure Copywriting Program is a great way to quickly develop your skills. And those skills can open the door to many lucrative copywriting opportunities, whether in direct response or the even larger universe of freelance commercial writing: helping companies from Fortune 100 on down to 10-person shops craft a whole variety of marketing materials for rates that can average $70-100 an hour and hit $150 or more.”

– Peter Bowerman,
The Well-Fed Writer series
(commercial freelancing how-to guides)

“You’ll get the nuts and bolts of copywriting. You’ll learn a copywriting formula that’s proven successful. Plus, you’ll get to meet other aspiring and established copywriters. And the folks at AWAI really work hard to help you succeed.”

– Carline Anglade-Cole,
Million-Dollar Copywriter

“The writing life – copywriting and writing in general – has been extremely good to me. A terrific way to make a living. And, as a ‘teacher.’ I’ve been helping businesspeople, entrepreneurs, authors, consultants, and others create their ideal business lives for decades.

“In looking for the best possible forum to share my experience and ideas, I could not have found a better home than AWAI.”

– Dan Kennedy,
The Millionaire Maker

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