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Everything You Need to Build & Grow
Your Successful Writing Business

Dear Reader,

If you had asked me yesterday for advice about how to build your own successful writing business, I wouldn’t have had any easy answers for you. But today, I can give you everything you’ll ever need to know.

That’s because AWAI has just introduced its new Freelance Writing Success in a Box: Your Complete Guide for Launching and Running Your Profitable Freelance Writing Business –– and it has all the answers to questions like…

The answers you’ll get to these and hundreds of other questions about starting and running your own $100k/yr writing business are full of specific, step-by-step details. Nothing is left in doubt. Most important, all this advice comes straight from the best authorities in the world: professional writers who’ve already built successful, highly lucrative freelance writing businesses.

Freelance Writing Success in a Box was developed specifically for writers like you who are ready to start a business and want to do it in the right way — by maximizing your efficiency and profits and minimizing your stress and mistakes.

Everything You Need to Build a $100K Writing Business

My name is John LaBine. I’ve had my own home-based freelance writing business for about nine years. Right now, I’m earning more money than I ever dreamed of making, and I absolutely love the freedom my job gives me. But things weren’t always so good…

When I first started my business, I had nobody to turn to for advice. Most of my decisions were based on guesswork. I wrestled with and worried over the very same questions that might be going through your mind right now…

It’s just not smart to guess about questions as important as these. But I had no choice, so naturally I made mistakes. I did things I shouldn’t have done and didn’t do things I should have been doing. Consequently, it was tough for me to get clients; frustrating dealing with things like taxes, negotiating contracts, and time-management; and it took me a lot longer than it should have to start making really good money. But you can avoid all the stress and frustration I went through.

If you faithfully use the information you’ll get in Freelance Writing Success in a Box, you’ll…

Starting and running a business is a strategic, methodical, big-picture undertaking. You’re no longer an employee — you’re the boss.

And AWAI is not expecting you to take this big step on your own. They’ve done 95% of the work for you, and will be with you every step of the way.

You Write. They’ll Sweat.

You know the old saying: Really successful ventures require “5% inspiration and 95% perspiration.” Well, the only way your writing business is going to succeed is if the inspiration part of it (your writing) is supported by smart decisions, great organization, and savvy planning. That’s the perspiration part.

AWAI has handled all that for you. More precisely, the most successful freelance writers in the world have done the sweating for you.

They’re the ones who learned how to best set-up, run, and grow an extremely lucrative writing business. These are folks like Don Mahoney, Paul Hollingshead, and Bob Bly, who pull in high six-figure incomes every year.

They make that kind of money not only because they can write well but also because they’re extremely smart businesspeople. Now, you can be one, too.

Strong Writing Is Only Part
of Your Successful Business

Freelance Writing Success in a Box contains everything you need to know and do to start and run your own writing business. Putting its strategies to work for you ensures that your writing business will be everything you aim for while building your writing career.

To succeed, you’re going to have to do things like…

Sidestep the Five Most Serious Start-up Mistakes. Any one of these can torpedo the business of even the best writer in the world. Yet, few beginning businesspeople even know they exist. Freelance Writing Success in a Box maps out these landmines for you and shows you how to easily tiptoe around them.

Choose the Legal Status That Saves $. You basically have four choices. Choose the right legal status and you can set yourself up for big tax savings. This isn’t complicated –– and it’s not hard to do –– but it’s very smart. This is just one of the many things that Freelance Writing Success in a Box does for you: It lays out all the options and explains, step-by-step, how to make and implement the wisest choice.

Negotiate by Using Strategy and Strength. No subject is more volatile than money. So, it’s vital that you know how to negotiate fees with your clients — especially when you’re building your business. Freelance Writing Success in a Box shows you proven short- and long-term strategies that will keep your clients and your bank account happy for years to come.

Know Where to Save; When to Spend. Low overhead is one of the big advantages of having a freelance business. But there are some things you mustn’t scrimp on –– and one of them is almost always underutilized in underachieving home-based businesses. Freelance Writing Success in a Box reveals how spending a little on this single item can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra revenue for your business.

Put a High Value on Your Own Time. It’s essential to know and understand your own value. That value happens to be $50/hr if you work a 40-hr week and are shooting for a $100k/yr income. And that number is going to grow as your business expands. In one of hundreds of "attitude" tips, Freelance Writing Success in a Box drives that point home by asking, “Why would you, a $50/hr writer, pull yourself from your office to mow the lawn when you can hire some neighborhood kid to do it for $10/hr?”

Understand the Importance of “No.” Even the best writers can lose a major client –– but this calamity will never happen to you. Why? Because you're not going to have only one major client. You're going to learn to say “No thank you” every once in a while to your “best” client and, instead, use that time — at the rate of only 45 minutes every day or so — to troll for new business.

Be Happy and Rich. Getting a new client will make you happy; keeping that client will make you rich. That first job with a new client might bring you anywhere from $850 to $8,500. Turning that client into a long-term partner could eventually bring you $250K or more — easily. Freelance Writing Success in a Box shows you exactly what you must do — aside from writing great copy — to become an indispensable resource for all your clients.

These are just a few samples of the hundreds of topics that Freelance Writing Success in a Box explores and explains for you. Again: Nothing is left to chance. This is a detailed, easy-to-understand roadmap to your very own successful writing business. It’s been created to shine a bright light on a make-or-break part of your writing career that isn’t covered anywhere else.

How Successful Do You Want to Be?

I’ve used the word “successful” a lot when describing the kind of business that I think you want to build. But I’ll be frank with you: I’m really talking about degrees of success. You’ve got to decide how successful you want to be.

You see, it’s entirely possible that with the writing skills you’ve learned so far, you could, depending on your age, spend the next 10, 20, or 30 years just moving from assignment to assignment and never really put a “business” together. And you could still make a decent living.

But I also have to tell you from personal experience that the odds clearly show that this kind of helter-skelter approach…

To run a successful business, you’ve got to do it right. And the kicker is that “doing it right” doesn’t mean working harder. It just means working smarter. What are the rewards of following the simple tactics described in Freelance Writing Success in a Box?

And, on top of all this, you’ll enjoy the freedom of being an independent businessperson and the satisfaction of doing something you really enjoy.

Everything You Need to Build and
Grow Your Own Writing Business

The writers and entrepreneurs who contributed to AWAI’s Freelance Writing Success in a Box crammed everything they know about starting and running a company into three information-packed volumes. Then, we put it all into a “box” for easy delivery to you…

Volume #1, Starting Your Own Writing Business, is where you’ll learn what it takes to build a solid “foundation” for your business. There’s a ton of nuts-and-bolts information here on things like…

Volume #2, Running and Accelerating Your Writing Business,shows you how to keep your writing business humming along super-productively. It includes everything your business must do to grow and prosper, including…

Everyday Concerns: AWAI doesn’t want you to “sweat the details,” but you should be prepared for the little things that might come up on any given day. Paying attention to these things can make the big issues a lot easier to deal with. Volume #2 sorts it all out for you.

Killer One-Page Proposals: You may know how to write killer copy, but proposals are another ball of wax. Running and Accelerating Your Writing Business shows you how to outline and flesh-out project proposals that will have clients fighting for your business.

Contracts: Here are the nuts and bolts that will make sure you always protect your best interests as a writer and businessperson. Not complicated. Just essential.

Fees: Money is always a delicate subject. Volume #2 of Freelance Writing Success in a Box presents all the strategies used by guys like Michael, Don, Paul, and Bob to maximize income while maintaining good client relations.

Work habits: Between them, the writers who contributed to Freelance Writing Success in a Box probably have about 100 years of writing experience. In this section they share all the little (and big) secrets they’ve accumulated to make sure your days are mega-productive.

Volume #3, Marketing Your Business for High Income and Growth, is all about the second most important aspect of any writing business: marketing. Never forget the need to always be looking for new clients and you’ll never be short of work (or money).

Self Promotion: One of the easiest and most potent forms of self-promotion is building a modest website and then linking it to a wide range of search engines. Marketing Your Business for High Income and Growth shows you exactly how to do this, along with many other easy self-promotion tricks

Networking: This is your key to a lifetime of writing assignments. You see, having a home-based business shouldn’t mean a life of isolation. In order to grow, you’ve got to have your name and face in front of the right people. As you’ll see, it doesn’t take a lot of work — if you know what you’re doing.

Getting Clients: Don’t stop trying to get new clients just because business is booming. Volume #3 of Freelance Writing Success in a Box shows you how to best leverage the success of your business to attract new clients. It also shows you how to ensure that your value to your existing clients constantly increases.

Perpetual Marketing: Look at it this way: You’re really running two businesses –– your writing business and your marketing business. Your good writing will make your marketing easier and your good marketing will make your writing easier. Marketing Your Business for High Income and Growth lays out the easiest, most timesaving, and most productive ways to have an ongoing marketing effort that really works. Nothing is more important than this!

Time Management: If you’re wondering how you’ll find time to do all this marketing and still have time to write…here’s where you’ll find out how to do it. The writing pros who’ve put Freelance Writing Success in a Box together share the techniques that allow them to write powerful copy and run an effective marketing program at the same time.

Be Careful With This Thing. It’s Loaded!

You can have all three volumes of Freelance Writing Success in a Box sent to you for only $99. And you can have it sent to you immediately by clicking here. The development costs were kept low because AWAI had the best resources for the project right on its doorstep: Mahoney, Bly, Hollingshead, me –– all of us. That’s the reason they’re able to offer this to you at such a bargain price.

Even better, to celebrate the launch of Freelance Writing Success in a Box, AWAI wants to send you a copy of Bob Bly’s brand new handbook, The 62 Most Common Questions Beginning writers Ask About Getting Clients. If you’ve ever had questions about how to meet with, write to, or talk with clients (and who hasn’t?), chances are you’ll find the answer right here. It’s crammed with the kind of useful, hands-on info that Bob is famous for. His new book will be selling for $49, but we’ll tuck it inside your copy of Freelance Writing Success in a Box absolutely free.

Freelance Writing Success in a Box is a natural extension of AWAI’s goal of creating high-performance, high-wage writers. It’s a logical and very smart career move for you: You were determined to become an elite writer. You wanted to become an elite writer because the financial rewards and lifestyle appealed to you. Freelance Writing Success in a Box will finally make this a happy reality for you.

Do what it says…keep doing what it says…and you’ll be end up exactly where you hoped to be when you first started your journey: as an accomplished writer running a very successful freelance business.

But, as I said, it’s up to you to decide how successful you want to be. My advice? Play it smart. Go with the decision you know you’ll never regret. Get your business up and running by using these strategies –– the strategies that the most successful writing businesses in the world have followed. Order Now!.

Kind regards,

John LaBine
Professional Freelance Writer

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