Industry insiders agree … writing copy in this market is the surest way to a six-figure income …

Meet the “Perfect Prospect”

This prospect:

Keep reading and discover the $6.5 trillion-a-year
market this prospect is a part of …

 … and the 3 things you can do RIGHT NOW to start
landing a steady stream of clients who absolutely
need you to write to him!

From the desk of Katie Yeakle …

Dear Reader,

Meet the “perfect prospect.”

This prospect wants – and sometimes even needs – the product or service you’re selling. What’s more, he’s got a lot of money to spend.

No, this prospect isn’t a figment of your imagination. He’s real. And over 8 million potential clients need you to write to him.

But it gets even better …

This prospect doesn’t need to be “sold” purely through emotion. In fact, many times you don’t need to use the core buying emotions or even the “BIG” idea.

Mostly, it’s just about informing him. Educating him on your product or service over time… and doing a little “selling” in the process – a stark contrast to traditional consumer copywriting.

If you can do this, your clients will absolutely love you, and give you steady work for months to come.

The Surest Path to a Six-Figure Income

Writing to this “perfect prospect” is, without a doubt, the easiest way to earn six figures as a copywriter.

In fact, it’s writing to this perfect prospect that’s allowed many copywriters to quickly (and easily) earn a steady six-figure income.

Take E.G. from Atlanta, Georgia, for instance.

He was working a demanding sales job at a large software corporation. The money was fantastic. But he never had enough time to spend with his family.

Finally, he decided he needed a change. So he got into freelance copywriting for the freedom it offered. But instead of jumping in blindly, E.G. did his homework. And discovered how profitable writing to this perfect prospect could be.

The result? He earned $163,181 in his first year as a full-time copywriter.

J.B. from Springville, Utah, is another copywriter who was smart enough to recognize how lucrative – and fun – writing to this perfect prospect could be.

Before becoming a copywriter, things were tough for J.B. He was over $200,000 in debt and seemed to have no way out. That’s when he turned to writing copy to this perfect prospect.

His first 12 months as a copywriter, he cleared over $100,000 in income. Today, he earns over $300,000!

I could go on and on with similar stories of copywriters earning a great living … thanks to this perfect prospect.

But the bottom line is this: This perfect prospect is real.

And learning how to write effective copy to him is dead simple.

Most copywriters don’t even realize how easy writing to this prospect is. If they did, they could be earning a much higher income, in a relatively short amount of time …

The “Untapped Goldmine” of Copywriting Markets

This perfect prospect is part of a HUGE market most copywriters don’t even realize exists.

It doesn’t involve selling financial newsletters, health supplements, credit card offers, self-help programs, or any other kind of consumer product – the usual stuff most copywriters write for.

This market is different.

For starters, it’s HUGE – a whopping $6.5 trillion a year.

Plus, there are over 8 million potential clients who need copy to be written to this perfect prospect.

There are so many clients in this market – each with dozens, if not hundreds, of writing projects that need to be done – that competition from other copywriters for the same projects is almost non-existent.

The truth of the matter is that good copywriters are in HIGH demand in this market.  

That’s why this market is wide open for those copywriters smart enough to see this opportunity. It truly is an untapped goldmine, waiting to make your financial (and lifestyle) dreams come true.

Get Paid $500, $1,500 – Even $2,500 – to Write Quick Little
Projects That Take Just a Few Hours to Complete

You already know this market is huge. But here’s what you don’t know …

This market is unique in that you don’t have to “sell” to your perfect prospect in one shot, like you do in traditional direct-response copywriting. Instead, you inform them over the course of numerous marketing messages.

Sometimes that could mean as many as 5, 8, or even 15 marketing messages over the course of a year.

Because there are so many communications sent to your prospect, most of these assignments are short (1-4 pages).

That’s why, in this market, having just one client could mean a steady stream of assignments for months on end. (Say it takes 8 messages to reach this perfect prospect. That’s 8 assignments from one client alone!)

And with each one, you could earn anywhere from $500 on the low end to up to $2,500 or more on the high end (easy to do, once you know what you’re doing).

Best of all, there’s surprisingly little competition from other copywriters to land these assignments. Why?

Well that’s because …

Most Copywriters Stay Away From This Market –
It’s Their Loss … Your GAIN

Allow me to introduce to you AWAI Board Member Steve Slaunwhite. For the past 15 years, Steve’s been writing for this market full of perfect prospects and earning an incredible living (a healthy six-figure income).

What is this market?

It’s the business-to-business market (B2B for short).

Now, before you think to yourself, “Oh I’ve already heard of B2B,” let me clear up a big myth.

Most copywriters think B2B is dry, technical, and boring.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

There’s a wide variety of projects across thousands of industries to keep things interesting … from white papers to articles … brochures to website home pages. What’s more, writing and gaining knowledge about the products and services available in the B2B market can be a blast!

Imagine … getting hired by Verizon Wireless to help them sell mobile phones to businesses of every shape and size … writing a 500-word landing page for FedEx, informing businesses of their shipping services … or even helping your local restaurant create a brochure offering its catering services to banquet halls. (Steve’s actually written for UPS, Mitsubishi, Fortune 500s, and local mom ‘n’ pops and finds that doing research and writing for such a wide range of products and services keeps things fresh and is a lot of fun.)

As you can see, B2B isn’t just about writing copy for obscure, technical products in complicated fields like chemical engineering or parts manufacturing. Everyday products are sold to businesses as well, including training services, computers – even books and magazines.

In fact, those “complex” industries within B2B make up only a tiny fraction of the 8 million potential clients available to you.

And here is another great perk that comes with writing for the B2B market.

You don’t have to be a control-beating superstar.

Let me explain …

In B2B there are some projects where you do want to beat the control, since response rates are measured (such as B2B direct mail, certain types of email marketing, and online advertising).

But writing for the sole purpose of “beating the control” isn’t as common in B2B as it is in traditional consumer oriented direct marketing.

Plus, there’s also a wide range of projects that are not direct-response in nature – such as sales brochures, web pages, email newsletters, white papers, trade-publication articles, and case studies.

Some copywriters love the challenge and thrill of beating a control. But for other writers like Steve, they enjoy not having to write under that kind of pressure all of the time.

What’s more, because of the wide variety of non-direct-response projects available, B2B writing tends to be very low-hype. Sure, the writing has to be persuasive … but there is a greater emphasis on explaining the features and benefits and educating your prospect.

Best of all, the pay is great.

As I mentioned earlier, Steve’s been earning a healthy six-figure income year-in and year-out  – while still having plenty of time to do the things he loves.

But here’s the bottom line in all this:

If you’re a decent writer, master the B2B copywriting basics, and promote your services … you will do well in this market … very well.

3 Things You Can Do to
Start Landing a Steady Stream of Clients

So, how can you take advantage of this awesome market and start getting clients?

For starters, you’ll need to research and understand this perfect prospect. That’s because this prospect has a “split personality” that needs to be understood before you can write effective B2B copy.

Second, you need to figure out how one business markets their product or service to another. And how the buying process takes place.

You see, the traditional direct-mail prospect makes the decision to buy on his own. But in B2B, the buying decision is usually made by more than one person. Usually, a committee of people needs to decide on the purchase.

Understanding how this process works and the players involved will help you dramatically in identifying the kind of information you’ll include in your client’s marketing materials.

Finally you need to understand how to write the kind of effective B2B copy clients – and your perfect prospects – love. That means knowing how to write white papers, sell sheets, landing pages, brochures, etc.

Once you’ve got a handle on these things, finding steady work is easy.

To help you become a successful B2B copywriter fast, Steve’s put together a step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to do these three things.

It’s called, Secrets of Writing High-Performance Business-to-Business Copy.

Everything You Need to Succeed … All in One Place!

Steve’s made sure this is the most comprehensive program on how to write effective B2B copy available anywhere.

Secrets of Writing High-Performance Business-to-Business Copy will help you acquire all the “insider secrets,” tools, and skill-building opportunities you need to become a highly effective, well-paid B2B copywriter.

No doubt, you’ll get only the best of what Steve’s discovered writing for this market.

You see, in his 15 years of being in B2B, Steve’s written for more than 100 publishers, mid-sized businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. He’s written everything from case studies, white papers, to direct-mail letters, email letters, ads, and web pages.

Some of his work and insights have been featured in publications like DM News, The Wall Street Journal, Target Marketing, and Inside Direct Mail.

Steve’s also authored a number of books and programs, some of which include Start & Run a Copywriting Business, and The EVERYTHING Guide to Writing Copy.

Secrets of Writing High-Performance Business-to-Business Copy represents his most comprehensive, cutting-edge work on the subject. He’s packed it with insider information you won’t find anywhere else and so much valuable content that, quite frankly, I think it’s unbeatable.

Simply put, Steve’s pulled out all the stops and left nothing out … making this the first – and last – resource you’ll ever need to succeed at writing highly effective B2B copy.

Becoming a B2B Copywriter Has Never Been Easier

The quickest way to get going with B2B copywriting is to immerse yourself in it.

That’s why Secrets of Writing High-Performance Business-to-Business Copy includes a mix of audio instruction, written material, dozens of examples, practice exercises, and how-to resources … delivered online… and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Over the course of 16 chapters, Steve will take you by the hand and give you everything you need to start writing top-notch B2B copy right away … the kind that could easily earn you $50,000 – or more – your very first year as a B2B copywriter.

Here’s a little of what you’ll discover:

Throughout this program you’ll uncover tips and strategies, found nowhere else -- and get step-by-step instructions on how to write every kind of B2B project. To be sure, it’ll be an advanced education.

That’s why by the time you finish, you’ll know more about how to write effective B2B marketing communications than most copywriters on the market today.

And to ensure that happens, Steve’s also included your very own “B2B Writer’s Toolkit.”

It covers a wide array of topics on how to improve your B2B writing … including the 27 proven B2B headline formats and how to use them, how to write paragraphs that pack a punch, how to write great sentences, and more.

Simply put, the “B2B Writer’s Toolkit” will help you hone your writing skills … and make sure your writing is crisp, clear, and effective for the B2B market.

Give Your Income a Quick Boost

The B2B market is so large … so diverse … that you can even find a niche within B2B, focusing on only one type of assignment.

For example, there are a few copywriters whose niche is writing white papers. All they do is write white papers for various B2B companies.

Another copywriter Steve knows specializes only in writing case studies. And despite this very narrow specialization, he earns six figures year-in and year-out.

It’s up to you whether or not you want to go that route.

But, even if you don’t want to focus only on one type of assignment, understanding how to write these kinds of projects at a high level is a great way to earn extra income with little effort.

That’s why Steve’s also including three exciting bonuses …

BONUS #1:  Writing Winning White Papers, with Michael Stelzner (a $39 Value!)

A white paper is a unique type of “special report” that many companies use to market their products and services. In fact, white papers have become so popular that companies can’t produce them fast enough – and, as a result, are routinely paying writers $4,000-$7,000 for a 7- to 10-page document.

Write one or two white papers per month and you can boost your yearly income by $48,000 to $96,000 (assuming $4,000 per white paper). Not bad for simply educating and informing your prospect.

And during this audio recording, Michael Stelzner – one of the leading authorities on the topic of writing white papers -- shows you how to write winning white papers your clients will love.

 Michael’s experience is vast, having written more than 130 white papers for clients like Microsoft, Dow Jones, FedEx, and Hewlett-Packard.

His work is used as required reading at major universities such as MIT and Johns Hopkins.

BONUS #2:  Cracking the White Paper Market, with Gordon Graham (a $39 Value!)

In this audio recording, Gordon Graham – known as “that white paper guy,” and white- paper writer to Fortune 500 companies like Intuit and Oracle – reveals his secrets to landing a steady stream of clients that need white papers.  

He’ll answer questions like:

By the time you’re done listening, you’ll be armed with the information you need to go out and start making money writing white papers.

BONUS #3:  Writing B2B Newsletters, with Ed Gandia (a $39 Value!)

In this audio recording, Ed Gandia – a top-notch, six-figure B2B writer – shares how to write effective B2B newsletters.

This is a huge niche within the B2B market. Companies frequently use newsletters to stay in touch on a regular basis with potential buyers.

Usually, you can get paid $500 – or more – to write a single newsletter article. This is a huge market in the B2B niche. Best of all, if a company likes your writing, they’ll probably ask you to write their newsletter articles on an ongoing basis.

No doubt, with the secrets you’ll learn from this audio lesson alone, you could add $2,000 a month to your income by writing just one article a week.

You Could Earn $50,000 Your First Year
As a B2B Copywriter

I’m not exaggerating when I say your first year as a B2B copywriter you could easily earn $50,000. It’s very doable. In fact, dozens of the copywriters Steve’s coached have earned that – and more – their first year in the business.

You just have to be a decent writer and follow the guidelines I’ve outlined for you in Secrets of Writing High-Performance Business-to-Business Copy.

If you can do that … and put in a good effort … your success is inevitable.

And here’s the best part … you can get started on your lucrative B2B copywriting career for just $490.

You could quickly make up your investment in this program (and more) by landing just one B2B assignment.

Remember, it’s not uncommon to earn $500 for a simple landing page … $750 for a quick two-page brochure … or even $4,000 for a 7- to 10-page white paper.

Any one of these projects (which aren’t hard to get from a client) will quickly pay you back for the program and boost your income.

Backed By AWAI’s Rock-Solid,
No-Questions-Asked, Money-Back Guarantee of Satisfaction

I am absolutely convinced B2B copywriting is the easiest route to a six-figure income as a copywriter.

In fact, I’m so confident that you can go out and make a great living in B2B with the knowledge you’ll gain from Steve’s Secrets of Writing High-Performance Business-to-Business Copy, that you can try the program risk-free.

Get the program. Go through the first few chapters … listen to the audio instruction … do the exercises … absorb the insights in the B2B Writer’s Toolkit … and study the examples. Take a full 30 days to do this.

If, for any reason, you don’t feel B2B copywriting can offer you a great career and an incredible life … simply let AWAI know and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund of your purchase price.

And if you’re on the installment plan and decide to cancel anytime after 30 days, simply let AWAI know, and your card will no longer be billed for future installments.

It’s that simple.

What’s more, you can keep the bonuses just for trying the program out.

Quick, Easy, Stress-Free!

Without a doubt, B2B is an incredible market to write for.

The prospect you have to write to couldn’t be more perfect. He wants and sometimes even needs what you’re offering. He doesn’t need to be sold in the traditional consumer direct-mail sense. He just needs to be informed.

Plus, you don’t have to worry so much about the “BIG Idea.” Or the emotional complex. Or even the four-legged stool. Sure, some of these elements still come into play, but no where near at the level of typical direct-response copywriting.

What’s more, the B2B market offers:

I don’t know of an easier, quicker, more stress-free way to make an incredible living as a copywriter and still have more than enough time for the things you love in life.

Let other copywriters chase the fame, glory, and rewards of having to beat the control time-after-time in the competitive niches.

That doesn’t have to be you. You can chug along … learning, having fun, making a great income … while writing various low-hype marketing communications for companies large and small.

It’s an exciting, rewarding industry to be in. That’s why Steve’s been in it for 15 years now. And you can be sure he plans on being a B2B copywriter many more.

So get a fresh start in this great market called business-to-business.

Order now, or call Barb, Pat, Debbie, or Jacqueline at 1-866-879-2924 at AWAI.

Can’t wait to hear how writing for the B2B market changes your career – and life – for the better!

To Your B2B Copywriting Success,

Katie Yeakle,
Executive Director

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P.S. When you order, Steve will also send you a copy of The B2B Writer’s Handbook. This handy guide gives you how-to instructions and tips for tackling more than 30 business-to-business copywriting projects. Everything from trade-show exhibits and sales proposals to SEO copywriting and even billboards! No matter what kind of project your client throws your way, you’ll be confident and prepared to say “yes!”   

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